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Discussion in 'Gator Country Health and Fitness' started by Dreamliner, Apr 19, 2012.

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    Had twelve the first go-round. Just three this time. Apparently, word has gotten out about me. The community has been warned! :laugh:

    Nonetheless, it was fun. And the few attendees (we happy few) were keen and made some very astute observations. Key talking points:

    DIETS: They clearly don't work. So, why bother ? But what if painstaking research revealed that diets don't work because people don't actually stick to them ?

    HEALTHY EATING: Seriously, what does this mean ? Ask five people and you're liable to get five wildly divergent answers. My take ? In my view, the unhealthiest aspect of the American diet BY FAR is that ... it contains too many calories!

    WILLPOWER: Funny, everybody thinks someone else has it but that they somehow got the wrong end of the stick. Here's my suggestion: just pretend that willpower doesn't exist and envision a better future.

    Be honest, is it a titanic struggle for you to go to work every day ? I didn't think so. You just do it. And many of you do it - and do it without much fuss - because you believe in what you're doing.

    Maybe this is why diets don't work. Maybe it's because we're always following SOMEONE ELSE'S diet. How about eat the foods you enjoy to lose weight ? Just learn to enjoy smaller amounts of them. This is not unduly difficult. Start now. Don't wait until tomorrow.

    EXERCISE: Where in the world, outside of America, do people get much of this ? If you want to do it, why do you want to do it ? And if you're doing it, is is getting you the results you desire or are you spinning your wheels ?

    There's more. But that pretty much precipitated a rousing discussion.
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