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    For those interested.....

    --UT spanks Ole Miss in Knoxville. McRae scored 26, the beast Stokes pulled down 14 boards, and Marshall Henderson scored 26 for the Rebs.

    --UGA lost, at home, to Vandy.

    --SC rolled A&M in Columbia, for their first conference win.

    --AU/Bama postponed for weather..

    With OMiss loss, we have opened a 2 game lead in the loss column over everyone. Let's keep that cushion so if we lose in Rupp, we still have the conference lead.

    UF 6-0
    UK 5-2
    OMiss 5-2
    UT/UGA/LSU/Mizz 4-3

    MSU, tonight's opponent, is 3-3.

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