Quiz: Reason for the Original Tea Party

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The original “Boston Tea Party” was mainly about which of the following?

  1. A protest about British taxing authority over the colonies

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  2. Anger over a corporate bailout by parliament

    2 vote(s)
  3. Colonists protesting high tea prices

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    I am [or I, as the context requires]:

    1. Old - 68

    2. White and a guy.

    3. Fought for America during 'Nam.

    4. Don't wear hats.

    5. Wonder why some people are so adamant that not wanting the federal government to encroach on every aspect of our lives is such a despicable trait.

    6. Am perplexed that being against paying even more in taxes is worthy of condemnation.

    7. Wonder why some are so quick to denigrate a group of people that they do not know.

    8. Am concerned about my children and grandchildren and the erosion of traditional American values and their economic well-being. They, after all, will pay for our inability to adhere to a budget like every other business and person is required to.

    9. Am not willing to believe that every person in every group has the same beliefs, view of the world, opinions, values, life experiences, influences and vision of what America is and should be.

    As to those who use term "old" as if it is a curse or something to be avoided at all costs, I suggest that you look behind you. Those who follow will one day think you are old and incapable of rational and intelligent thought. Be prepared to be cast to the winds as so much useless dust.

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