Problems Galore

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    from the article:

    Senior White House officials said this week that approximately 126,000 Americans who thought they successfully navigated and signed up for health insurance plans may not actually be enrolled in Obamacare, ABC News reported.

    President Barack Obama assured Americans Tuesday that the Affordable Care Act is “working and will work in the future” (Getty Images)

    “I feel like this: My application was taken … by a bureaucrat, it was put on a conveyor belt and it’s still going around, and it’s never going to leave the building,” Bob Shlora of Alpharetta, Ga., who has been trying for weeks to enroll in a plan, told ABC.

    “I’ve lost hope. If it happens, great,” he said, adding that his insurer said it had no official record of him enrolling in Obamacare.

    Administration officials admitted that those who have managed to make it through the frustrating enrollment process may not actually be signed up for the plans they chose with their insurers — even though the Obamacare website says differently.

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