Pease: Confidence or Frustration

Discussion in 'RayGator's Swamp Gas' started by Gatorologist, Sep 22, 2013.

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    This is NOT a thread on whether or not we/CM have confidence in Pease but whether Pease has confidence in himself or is so frustrated that it is affecting the team. I ask this question based on three observations:

    1) Driskel's lack of confidence in himself which could have been a reflection of Pease's own insecurities. Remember Pease was OC for one year at Boise and had Kellen Moore running the offense which limited Pease's exposure to failure. Last year was no offensive explosion and this year is the same. Admittedly the lack of offense could be CM's influence or Driskel's inadequacy/injuries, overall injuries etc., and then were talking Pease frustrated not insecure.

    2) The inability to get plays in rapidly and in succession. Again, this could be a Driskel or CM influence, but it frustrates the heck out of me. Is Pease unsure of what to call based on his own indecisiveness or is he just completely frustrated due to the O's lack of ability, or CM's desire to control clock. Where does one stop and the other begin?

    3) Our total inability to execute consistently on O. Players execute well when they know their role and trust others to do theirs. Clearly not happening, in part for reasons discussed above, but to what extent is it a reflection of Pease's psychological state.

    Someone who is confident in themselves exudes that confidence to those around them and has a clear unwavering idea of what they want (which admittedly is not always a good situation). I do not and have not seen it on the O since UM gave up control of the O. It is probably a result of numerous factors 1) CMs style 2) injuries 3) talent 4) transition. Someone who is frustrated for these exact same reasons also transmits that emotion.

    Could it be that Pease, for whatever reason, is not confident in his vision and abilities? Is his frustration influencing the players? Are there other factors I am not taking into account? I ask these questions because we have a new QB who at this point seems more confident and decisive than the last (not necessarily better but with different qualities). What will Pease's influence be on him and vice versa?

    Sorry so long, but I kept coming up with different questions/answers. :geek:

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