Offense has major issues

Discussion in 'Swamp Gas' started by Gatorzz, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Turnovers or not.

    Last week vs an awful Toledo defense, we score 24.
    This week vs an avg Miami defense, we score 16.

    One guy runs the meetings, makes the playbook, teaches the playbook, organizes the offense, installs the offense, calls the plays, etc. and it was a clinic on everything NOT to do.

    Critical 3rd down? Lets run the option. Something we never do, something we rarely practice. Lets throw our 5th best pitch on full count vs this critical hitter.

    Do what youre good at.

    Wildcat in the red zone. Too many runs right up the middle on first down. Very little playaction or creativity. Very awful 1min offense. No organization, no idea whats going on. Like its never been practiced before. Awful red zone offense, awful 3rd and short offense. Most offensive coordinators salivate at 3rd and short. The whole playbookmis available. Not us.

    1 screen pass and 1 draw i saw today when your o-line is stalemating at the line. Maybe 2 playaction passes. Just nothing keeping them guessing.

    Driskel is the same QB as last year. Lots of sack/fumbles. Holds the ball way too long. No feel in the pocket. No killer instinct. He has not been developed by this coaching staff. Same guy as last year.

    Mack Brown was clearly the better RB. He was running harder, he doesnt let the first hit bring him down, he has a nose for where he has to get to. Jones should not have been in that game. He wasnt ready, he was going down too easy, no sharp cutbacks or vision.
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    Forget bashing the offense.

    I would LOVE to be in Dom Easley's mind right now... Man amongst boys.
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    The 4th and 1 playcall was brutal. The wr sweeps were horrible. The lack of attacking the end zone was terrible.

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