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    Per GatorGrowl:

    Due to a problem with posters who are new, non-Gator fans, or post very little or none, the following rules are now in effect.

    If you have 0 (zero) post count and either negatively rate or give a neutral rating to another member’s post it will result in a one day ban from the site. If you continue to do so the ban period will grow from that period on in an accumulative fashion.

    If you have 1 (one) post count that means you are allowed to give one negative, or neutral, rating. A two post count allows two…..etc. However that does not mean you can game the system by abusing the rules for the sole reason of giving out bad ratings. We will be watching for this and if It occurs it will be dealt with in the manner first described.

    Rival Fans are not allowed to give out negative ratings. Violations of this will be dealt with by a short ban for first offense and if need be permanent banning for repeat offenders

    Below is a list of the various ratings for the board and whether they fall under Positive, Negative, or Neutral.

    Like — Positive

    Dislike — Negative

    Agree — Positive

    Disagree — Neutral

    Funny — Positive

    Winner — Positive

    Informative — Positive

    Friendly — Positive

    Useful — Positive

    Optimistic — Neutral

    Creative — Positive

    Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor — Neutral

    Note: This is not intended to discourage members from using the rating system but rather it arises out of the misuse by some and the complaints we have received.
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