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    The students at the HS I work tend to favor UCF and FSU over UF because UF is nearly unattainable to get in. UF's presentation to students on visits is basically obnoxious and condescending. As a UF alumnas I suggested to them that they need to be a little more "user friendly".
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    Well lets think about the actual people involved:

    1. Macklin: He was recruited over at Georgetown, I doubt Thompson promised he would not recruit any other bigs.

    2. Rosario: Chose to go to a bad program that he hoped was on the rise. It wasn't so he transferred to a power program.

    3. Carter: Went to Rutgers which pretty much matched his recruiting status. He played better than his recruiting status and transferred up when he had the chance.

    4. Finney-Smith: Went to a program below his recruiting status, transferred up when his coach was fired.

    5. Harris: Went to SoCar which was maybe a notch below his recruiting status. Bailed during a coaching change when a tough coach was coming in.

    6. Murphy: Went to a place that recruits tons of high school AAs. Oddly enrolled early. He transferred when he was an odd man out in the depth chart.

    7. Horford: Went to a perimeter oriented program that was maybe above his recruiting status. Graduated and transferred to where he hopes he will fit better after a solid but not spectacular career.

    So I don't really see anyone that was lied to. Maybe one might argue that Macklin was lied to by Thompson, but I would not think that he was. He was just so raw from the FT line it was hard to play him. Coaches at so-so programs telling Rosario and Finney-Smith they can win with them is merely optimism not lying in my view. Maybe Krzyzewski lied to Murphy or maybe Murphy just was not quite as good as expected there.
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    DFS didn't like how he was being used at VT (even though he earned Freshman All-ACC honors). He transferred to UF because we recruited him previously, and he is basically family to Macklin from back in Portsmouth VA. He and Macklin would talk almost every day, and DFS knew this is where he wanted to be all along.

    Rosario was getting himself in trouble and headed down the wrong path playing at Rutgers. His HS Basketball coach, the famous Bob Hurley, who is close with Billy, suggested that Rosario transfer to UF. He thought Billy would give him the mentorship, discipline, and coaching he needed to be a better player and person.

    Macklin simply didn't fit the Princeton offense they ran at Georgetown (one big standing in the high post, passing to screening guards and taking open midrange J's). We recruited him really hard and it was a tough choice for him to pick Georgetown. He knew this was where he wanted to be, and finally decided to pull the trigger and transfer. There was no doubt in anybody's mind that he would pick UF
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