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My column...

Discussion in 'The GatorTail Pub' started by romeg8r, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. romeg8r

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    Here is Mark's article to save you from scrolling...

    Major League baseball suspended thirteen players Monday as the result of the investigation into the anti-aging clinic Biogenesis in Miami. The list of suspended players includes three All-Stars in Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers, Everth Cabrera of the San Diego Padres and Jhonny Peralta (yes I spelled that right) of the Detroit Tigers. Of course, the list also includes Alex Rodriguez.

    Everyone but Rodriguez is suspended for fifty games. A-Rod is suspended until the end of the 2014 season.

    A-Rod`s suspension, according to Major League commissioner Bud Selig, is more severe than the others due to his obstruction of baseball`s investigation into the case. Rodriguez is appealing the suspension and will be allowed to play until the appeal process has run its course.

    As far as pennant races are concerned only the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers stand to have anything to really lose due to the suspensions. The Rangers are certain to miss Cruz`s bat in the lineup down the stretch.

    I have heard some people make the argument that the players should be allowed to use whatever they want to play their best. `It`s their body`, these people claim. As always, I am amazed at the propensity of some folks to just not get it.

    If it really was just the individual player`s body at risk, I might be able to embrace that line of thinking. However, that is not how this works. These are multi-million dollar contracts at stake. If some players are taking performance enhancing drugs, others will feel that they need to take the drugs in order to compete. This would only get worse if the rules were changed to allow players to use these drugs at their discretion.

    But, it doesn`t stop there. More and more we are finding teenagers using PEDs in high school hoping to gain a competitive advantage. As bad as some of these compounds are for adults they are even worse for bodies that are still in full developmental stage. And, the vast majority of these kids will never be professional athletes even with the performance enhancing drugs. They will have poisoned their bodies for nothing.

    Another thing to consider is this. If the league allowed the PEDs, the same players who would race to take them now would later be suing the team owners in an attempt to hold the owners responsible for their liver cancer or heart disease. You know I am right about that.

    So, what about these suspensions? Are they too severe?

    Other than the suspension to A-Rod I do not believe they are severe enough. When contracts in excess of fifty million dollars are at stake a fifty game suspension simply isn`t a deterrent. That is abundantly clear since similar suspensions have done nothing to curtail the problem. If the majority of players truly want to compete in a drug free environment, they need to approve a stronger anti-drug program for their sport.

    My proposal is this. For a first CONFIRMED offense, the player should receive a one year suspension and his team should have the right to void his contract if they choose. For a second CONFIRMED offense, the player should be banned from baseball for life. I know that sounds extreme but nothing short of this is going to generate any real change.


    Mark Miller

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