Maybe I'm Not So Quirky!

Discussion in 'Gator Country Health and Fitness' started by Dreamliner, Jan 26, 2012.

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    I thought it was just me being quirky, what with my rudimentary deadlift cycle. Just for a change, I decided to pick a weight and do 5 X 5. Then, I proceed to add one set of five, each workout until I'm up to 10 X 5. Then, I had planned to add ten or maybe twenty pounds, back-cycle to 5 X 5 and work my way up again.

    I had been intrigued as to how kettlebellers make quantuum leaps like 24kg to 30kg, 44kg to 53kg, etc. These are big jumps. no micro-loading here. No "always add weight to the bar."

    But here, RKC Chris Lopez cites Jason Ferruggia wherein Ferruggia has thrown away all the small plates in his gym and has trainees making jumps of twenty pounds or more, after a period of acclimation, until the trainee is supremely efficient with his/her current working weight.

    Food for thought:

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