Marquez North (UT) & other observations

Discussion in 'Swamp Gas' started by 32250Gator, Sep 22, 2013.

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    I got lucky yesterday and was able to get tickets on the 2nd row of section 12, right behind the UF bench. I was able to get a good look at the players.

    I'm not sure if it came across on TV, but in person yesterday I was blown away by the physical appearance of Marquez North. I have no idea on his true measureables, but I'd guess the guy was 6'3 215-225 lbs and ripped. One of the more impressive true freshmen from a physical standpoint I can ever remember, and played very good for a frosh WR on a team with terrible QB play.

    I'm very happy with our 2013 WR class of Bailey, Fullwood, Robinson, Thompson & Hawkins, but couldn't help to think of North in the O&B. Anyone know if we were ever in it for him?

    Pig Howard looked good for UT as well, I know he had interest in UF, but I'm not sure UF had interest in him. He & Alvin Bailey seem to be similar type players, I'm guessing the staff just liked Bailey more?

    Caleb Brantley & Jaynard Bostwick sure look like legitimate SEC DT's from a size perspective. I thought Matt Rollin looked on the small side, but I'm guessing a lot of that is due to injury.

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