In Defense of Sugar

Discussion in 'Gator Country Health and Fitness' started by Dreamliner, Feb 14, 2012.

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    And of course the addiction analogy only goes so far. When people are addicted to drugs or cigarettes, the usual strategy is abstinance, whereas the strategy of overeating is learning to eat less. The latter is arguably more challenging than the former because whereas you can remove yourself from drugs and cigarettes, you have to eat.

    That said, I witness all shapes and sizes of people learning to enjoy smaller amounts of food every week. And I should also add that, for some people, it is not nearly as difficult a task as they imagined. I suspect this has more to do goals than with 'willpower.' For example, the person who has grown tired of the way his body looks, or who has received a health scare, will naturally be more inclined to focus on his future body than to ruminate over 'how little' food he gets to eat in order to realize the body he envisions.

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