Hutson Mason Logs vs Nebraska and GT

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    I did these 2 months ago, didnt chart them like I did for FSU vs Duke, but either way, if you want to get an idea of what Mason brings, here it is. Again, im not a pro, im learning, and posting so that people can say "youre dumb" or "good job". I sent this to a few UGA writers and never heard back so who knows. This is basically a direct copy and paste from when I put it on reddit which it got buried and maybe 5 people saw it. The overall opinion below is what im writing right now, everything below it is copy pasta

    Overall opinion on Mason: Hes not as bad as I thought he was going into this. He needs to really improve on his foot work if hes going to succeed, there were too many times where the pocket was collapsing and he didn't shuffle up into the pocket or move side to side, which would be disappointing if I was a UGA fan because Mason can run. That was one thing that caught me by surprise, the kid has some subtle speed in him. If a defense isn't careful than if UGA was to throw a 3X1 set out there with Gurley lined up to the 1 receiver side and run a read option/veer, I could very easily see Mason pulling and gaining 10-15 yards before hes touched. He didnt take enough down field shots for me to really build a real opinion on, 2 games is a pretty small sample size and its easy to make the statement that they were keeping thing simple for him. Ball location on anything under 10 yards is doable, I didnt note too many occasions the receivers had to make adjustments (i think his slants needed some work). The GT game is tough for me because the defense they called was similar to what you would see in a teams spring game. A LOT of zone, very little blitzing, depending entirely on their DL to put pressure on the QB. Its hard to tell from ESPN cams but I think I counted about 10 times all game that GT ran a straight man to man on UGA. Mason did a pretty good job of being patient and finding holes in the zone. On the flip side, vs Nebraska, he had a lot of trouble finding the open man vs a more aggressive man defense. I didnt count many instances of Nebraska blitzing, they put a lot of faith in their DL and secondary covering guys through their routes. I only recall 2 really good plays from Mason in this game, one where he escaped a lot of pressure and Favred it to Gurley for about a 2 yard gain, but its a 9 yard loss for a pocket QB with no running ability. The second throw was the rare instance Nebraska brought heavy pressure with a 0 coverage look and Mason actually put this throw on about a 10-15 yard post route, perfect ball placement and a DB was about 2 yards from planting Mason into the ground. Otherwise, Clemson, South Carolina, Florida are all heavy man based teams if im not mistaken, Gurley is not a work horse back, I believe he has eclipsed 20 carries once last year, in order to Mason to be that Alabama style game manager who doesnt cost them games, he needs to work on his timing in the pocket, his clock, stepping up into the pocket and through his throws and his ball placement vs man. If you run zone vs UGA, Mason and these receivers will likely tear you apart. That is my amateur opinion on Mason

    Note before we start: Air Yards. I did this because UGA fans like to throw out "BUT DUDE MASON THREW FOR 310 YARDS VS GT", passing yards are kind of like tackle numbers to me, they dont tell the whole story. How many yards was the QB actually responsible for? If a WR/TE/RB caught a 7 yard pass and took it 50 yards I think that is more telling on the receiver than it is on the QB, so like FSU/Duke game, the goal was to fix stupidity and ignorance of an opposing teams fan base and the writers who jump on simple statistics as well. I was told be an advanced metric dude on twitter once that air yards are marked from the LOS, so thats where my numbers are marked from. Its easier for me to mark this also since before every snap I jot the LOS number down for me to do the math quicker on each throw. Plus, when you think about it, all overall yardage numbers are from LOS, not from behind LOS

    Nebraska log

    Marked him at 125 air yards vs Nebraska, here is my complete write up

    1st throw>>3 yards

    2nd throw>>incomplete. throw was short, not catchable. DB made break on the ball too (would have been a shoestring grab)
    3rd throw>>15 yard fade route to Lynch, accurate

    4th throw>>roll out, threw ball away

    5th throw>>3.5 yard throw to lynch on a comeback route

    6th throw>>3 yard on drag to gurley, accurate

    End of first

    note: first pass snap in 2nd was a sack, never went through progression, hard to see who was and wasnt open but just noting he never looked to scan the field from side to side. BUT, he stood in the pocket and didnt over react

    7th throw>>1 yard throw on drag by Lynch went through progression here, looked middle, left to safety valve, then back to middle sacked and intentional grounding. he did well prior to this, nebraska had the PA defended perfectly and he stood his ground, then he threw the ball into the ground. Didnt take them out of FG range though but still not a smart play at the end after handling the pressure fine originally

    Scoring Note: 7-3 Nebraska

    8th throw>> horribly underthrown ball, 27 yard attempt on a corner route, DB broke on it and had the INT but dropped it 9th throw>>-3 yards I guess ill mark it as. RB screen. Catch was taken down to 15 yard line

    10 throw>>-2 yards on a WR screen on a quick WR screen in the flat, but ball came out as WR hit the ground, incomplete.

    11th throw>>incomplete. 11 yard pass into the front corner of the endzone. not a bad throw, pressure was in his face and on this route you want to put the ball to the WRs outside shoulder, which he did, but it was thrown too short for the WR to make a realistic play on the ball, WR looked to run the route where he needed to run it

    score note: 7-6 Nebraska

    score note: 10-6 nebraska (i fast forward through Nebraksa so I just came back up here to note the score)

    12th throw>> -4 yard swing pass to gurley, 12ish yards gained after catch

    13th throw>>5 yard completion on an out route, accurate enough, though not thrown hard, WR made a slight adjustment on the ball

    14th throw>>3 yards shows his potential here I think. Which I hate. but they designed ANOTHER screen for him to run, call was blown up by Nebraska, he runs back and to his strong side and eventually dumps it over a defender for a completion when i thought he was going to throw it away

    15th throw>>16 yard completion on an out route to lynch. This is kind of a love it hate it throw for me. It was a completion, but the throw was slow. The ball hung in the air for a long time on an out route and there is no one on earth that will tell yout that its alright for an out route to hang in the air, it needs to be zipped, hard. but it hung. So take from that what you will.

    Note before next throw:Its tough on who to blame this on but i tend to put this complaint on the QB. He is working with no urgency, not moving guys to the line, not rushing through his pre snap stuff. Not nearly as efficient as Murray was at moving through the motions in a 1 minute drill. REALLY approached this thing slowly. On the flip side, why is Richt/Bobo not calling a timeout to say somethin to him? They had 2 when I paused to write this (25 seconds, 3rd and 12)

    16th throw>>-4 yard swing pass to gurley. Again, people hate how I keep mentioning the way Richt and Bobo manage Mason but do you blame someone for having some doubts about your coaching staffs confidence in their guy if they keep throwing out swing passes, WR screens and RB screens? Just my two cents.

    End of Half, score: 10-9 Nebraska

    17th throw>>0 yard throw to Gurley. Mason seems more comfortable playing backyard ball. Kind of a interesting play call that was blown up. They showed FB screen post snap, Gurley leaked out after blocking a man and I think this was the original play design, to go to Gurley, but pressure was in Masons face and he side armed it into Gurley who caught it back at the original LOS.

    18th throw>>3 yard throw to Gurley on out route, dropped by Gurley, accurate throw. First true drop of the game

    19th throw>>Interception (12 air yards). Perfect protection, solid pocket. 2 recievers in the area, didnt really get into his throw and armed it more than anything, ball hung in the air and went between his 2 WRs.

    score: 17-9 Nebraska

    20th throw>>incomplete pass. 15 yard pass. play action pass on a roll out. probably not a wise throw, right into coverage. Could be considered a drop by the WR but I tend to not mark these as drops as Mason led his WR right into a danger zone with a safety waiting in the middle of the field and threw him right into that area.

    21st throw>>3 yard completion on an out route, accurate throw. Gurley breaks tackle and takes this from the original LOS (42) down to the 26

    22nd throw>>Ball thrown into the endzone to Bennett, over thrown, Bennett was wide open. No drop

    23rd throw>>5 yard throw on quick comeback in a area with a few defenders. good zip on the ball.

    24th throw>>ball thrown away. clean interior pocket, pass rush came up on the outside and he freaked out and broke the pocket, hard to tell from ESPN views but i thought he had time to step into the pocket and make a move instead of flushing out

    25th throw>>3rd and goal (12 yard line), 6-7 yard out route to bennett missed. badly.

    score: 24-12 Nebraska

    26th throw>>Another swing pass designed here but he tucked and scrambled back to LOS

    27th throw>>Great protection by UGA line, ball thrown away, guessing no one got open here

    28th throw>>3 yard completion to Gurley off PA pass

    29th throw>>play action thrown away

    30th throw>>8 yard completion off PA to rumph

    31st throw>>lost the ball as he was going to throw it

    *32nd throw>> *4 yard completion to Gurley on drag route, Gurley scored. Listed as a 25 yard completion ;)

    Score: 24-19

    33rd throw>>4 yard pass, not a good throw. Lynch was draped plus another defender came over to help, ball hit LYnch at the same time the defender did and the ball was incomplete. Some people may consider this a drop, I dont when a QB throws it to a guy who shouldnt have had the ball thrown to him, so ill leave this up to you. Also ignoring that, this is another 3rd down play where Mason didnt throw it beyond the first down marker. Also, Bennett was open on a corner route

    34th throw>>-6 yard pass, screen to gurley

    35th throw>>6 yard completion to conley on a slant, accurate

    36th throw>>28 yard throw to Bennett. Good find by Mason. I thought it was a blown assignment but on replay Baptiste (DB) just slipped and Bennett ran past him

    37th throw>>incomplete. 11 yard throw to Lynch. This is another one I think most people looked at as a drop but the route was a flag route and it was thrown a bit too inside for this specific route. Now, it was catchable, but there was a DB to the inside shoulder of Lynch and one right over top, if its thrown to the right spot (outside shoulder), its likely a catch. But honestly, im ok with calling this a drop watching the replay again, not a good throw, but it was catchable

    38th throw>>incomplete. 3 yard throw to Wooten (sp). Drop. But again, another throw where the DB was completely blanketed by the DB and Mason led him into a danger zone. Wasn't dropped until the DB unloaded on Wooten.

    3:18 left in game, score still 24-19

    39th throw>>Complete, best throw of the day. Stepped into the pocket for once and hit his man. 29 air yards right down the middle.

    40th throw>>thrown away

    41st throw>>12 yard throw, incomplete. dropped

    42nd throw>>incomplete, 5 yard throw to lynch. not a drop, slant route, ball thrown low and behind lynch

    I only counted 2...3 true drops. A few more that we could argue about because of throwing a receiver into a waiting defender. So far, in this game, the idea that Mason was plagued with drops is kind of an exaggeration. Im going to do GT later.


    Georgia Tech

    Cliffs before reading it: Basically, im not as harsh on Mason as I was before hand. He seems to make quicker decisions than I was led to believe at first glance. I still think his arm strength isnt anything we havent seen before. It's hard to tell. Vs Man defense, on average, he struggles. Vs the zone looks GT threw at him, he was fine, but GT runs about the most basic zone looks one can imagine. Constant 4 down linemen looks and their go to call was stunting either DE/DT or DT/DT to create pressure. The amount of times GT brought at least 5 or more in this game was very little, I counted right around 5 or 6 times, but I got so used to them running zone I kind of just got complacent with looking for anything but in the 4th quarter.

    His air yard numbers vs Tech were better than they were vs Nebraska. I have him for 205, vs the what....150 vs Nebraska. Clemson, Florida, South Carolina all tend to play a lot more man defense, ill be interested to see what happens. A lot less short passes and screens vs the zone of Tech while vs Nebraska Mason/Bobo pretty much lived off of the short stuff and he struggled overall to fit the ball into the tighter spaces of man.

    Basically, I think he's good enough to win games for Georgia and force defenses to not play up on UGA just to slow the running game down. So I don't really see a big drop for Georgias offense. Ranked last year 5th in scoring and 2nd in passing. I imagine the scoring drops to 6-8 range and passing drops to the 4-5 range while the rushing offense jumps from 11th up to the 6-7 range.

    Mason vs Georgia Tech

    7-0 GT

    1st throw>> (Complete) -3 yards. WR swing pass/bubble screen

    2nd throw>> (Sacked) RT completely whiffed on the block, Gurley missed picking up a block.

    3rd throw>> (Incomplete) 16 yard throw. Throw was too high for the WR, would have been fine if the ball was placed lower

    10-0 GT

    4th throw>> (Complete) -1 yard throw. WR middle screen

    5th throw>> (Incomplete - INT) 15 yard throw. He throws off his back foot due to due a stunt at the right side of the line and the DT coming in relatively unblocked (no blitz on this play). Kind of just throws it up into an area with two defenders but its behind the WR by about a yard or two and 3-4 yards short.

    17-0 GT

    6th throw>> (Complete) 11 yard throw. GT shows blitz, drops into a zone, he finds the open man on the comeback route

    7th throw>> (Scramble) No blitz. Tucked and ran vs a 4 man blitz. I apparently was off in regards to GT pressure in this game they just havent brought much pressure in this first half

    8th throw>> (Sacked) OL in this game is getting whipped with the stunts that GT is throwing at them. Cant blame Mason for any of these sacks thus far its essentially: Ball snapped, he looks at first read, GT DL is in his face. I can now understand why GT isnt blitzing, they dont have to

    9th throw>> (Incomplete) 7 yard throw. Had a ton of time to throw, no blitz, no stunt. OL held up. He looked for his safety valve in Gurley but he threw it slightly behind him and way too low.

    20-0 GT

    10th throw>> (Complete) 12 yard throw. Off PA, route was out route, SLIGHTLY behind the WR, perfect throw would be a bit more to the sideline but thats nit picking considering there was no DB on the WR at target

    11th throw>> (Incomplete) 12 yard throw. Didnt see this much in the bowl game, but Mason steps up into the pocket as pressure from Attachou comes on strong from the RS, steps up and tries to make a play, just throws it a bit too low.

    12th throw>> (Complete) -2 yard throw. RB screen to Gurley

    13th throw>> (Complete) 14 yard throw. No blitz, again. Stunted at the line, brought pressure up the middle and Masons steps to the left and throws on the run, accurate throw on the run.

    14th throw>> (Complete) 12 yard throw. No blitz. GT went from playing mostly man looks to pretty much to exclusive zone looks here. Every pass play the last two possessions the WRs havent had a DB within a few yards of them, completely opposite of the mugging defense of Nebraska

    15th throw>> (Complete) 12 yard throw. Zone blitz. Only brought an extra LB on a delayed blitz, right side was in a zone, and Mason keeps finding the open man

    16th throw>> (Complete) 6 yard throw to Gurley. Linebackers zone drop here was deep.

    17th throw>> (14 yard scramble/run) Still no blitz BUT Tech finally played cover 2 man across the board and Mason has no one he's confident throwing to here so tucks it. Probably the wiser choice

    18th throw>> (Complete) 3 yard throw to Gurley. GT did the thing I hate more than anything in the world in football, zone defense in the redzone. When Gurley catches this and turns up field the closest defender is half a yard in the endzone.

    Half, 20-7 GT

    19th throw>> (Scramble/run) 8 yard run. Long PA design and the pocket breaks down right away but Mason does a solid job of sneaking through it all. didnt realize he was this good of a runner until this game, doesnt show it when I watched vs Nebraska

    20th throw>> (Incomplete/"Drop") 20 yard throw. Best throw of the game so far. Shocker, GT drops into a zone, bringing no additional blocker, also another PA, Bennett slips right in behind the LB drop and Mason really puts it in the perfect place fitting it between and just over 2 defenders. Note: Play was considered a drop by the officials. Bennett caught it, took what looked to be a last second third step and they ruled it a drop, if anything I figured it should have been ruled a fumble. Sadly I wont technically add this into the yardage numbers at the end but it this doesnt take away from the throw.

    21st throw>> (Complete) 12 yard throw. Corner route vs....more zone.

    22nd throw>> (Scramble/Sack) Tackled a yard shy of the LOS. GT finally went man here again and just like the last time they went man, they forced Mason into going through his progressions and forced him out of the pocket

    23rd throw>> (Complete) 4 yard throw. Stunt up front, protection fine. Slant route. Thrown well.

    24th throw>> (Incomplete) 18 yard throw. Vs Zone again. Streak route, under thrown by about 3 yards. Considering where the safety came from i would say he never had the throw in the first place

    25th throw>> (Incomplete/Drop) 5 yard throw on 2nd and 10. Vs zone. Stunt between DTs and pressure came up the middle, steps to the left and up and finds Bennett at the sidelines and he just flat out drops the ball. first legit drop I saw

    26th throw>> (Complete) 19 yard throw. First time I counted a cover 0 by GT. Protection was perfect. Throw was on the money, this would register as the 2nd best throw of the day for Mason. Probably the best throw I saw in either game vs man

    27th throw>> (Complete/Flag) -3 yard throw. Screen to Gurley. Clipping called here so I wont mark this in the final tally

    28th throw>> (Incomplete) Over thrown into the endzone. Vs Zone, one of his rare misses vs the vanilla zone looks GT has shown all game

    29th throw>> (Complete) -3 yard, screen to Gurley vs a ZONE

    20-10 GT

    30th throw>> (Complete) -2 yard throw, screen to Gurley.....ZONE

    31st throw>> (Complete) 33 yard throw. Close to being his best throw of the game. Believe this was zone again, strong side was in it, corner who was on the WR looked to be in man, so im not 100% sure from the limited view ESPN gives you

    32nd throw>> (Complete) 14 yard throw, corner route, vs a zone. I know. Shocking.

    33rd throw>> (Complete) -6 yard throw, screen to Green, I think.

    34th throw>> (Complete) 10 yard throw, TD. Zone, again. In the RZ. Bennett shook the S out of his shoes when he came down to pick him up


    35th throw>> (Complete) 12 yard throw, out route vs ZONE.

    36th throw>> (Incomplete/Drop) 12 yards. Vs zone, no blitz. Again.

    37th throw>> (Incomplete) 12 yards. Bad throw, low and behind WR.

    38th throw>> (Complete) 10 yard throw on 4th and 6. GT finally went to man here.

    39th throw>> (Incomplete) -2 yard screen to Gurley, knocked away by DLinemen

    40th throw>> (Complete) 3 yard throw to gurley, zone, middle open.

    41st throw>> (Complete) 8 yard throw. First throw in either game where he faced a heat seeking LB on a blitz who hit him untouched, he slung it in there pretty well for the first down

    42nd throw>> (Scramble) PA blown up. Barely got back to LOS

    43rd throw>> (Complete) 9 yard throw. Complete blown assignment by someone on the defense. Corners were playing straight man here but Bennett here ran down the seam completely unguarded by anyone. Note In the replay, it looks like some kind of mixed coverage. Far corner is playing press, slot corner on Bennett pressed Bennett but once Bennett swims out of the press, absolutely no one picks up Bennett and the slot corner doesnt even try to turn and run with him. This is one of those plays as a fan I can't really figure out whats going on. Either way, he found the wide open guy.

    44th throw>> (Incomplete) 4 yard throw to Gurley off PA. Looked to be man, Gurley had 2 LBers trailing him


    45th throw>> (Sack) Attachou came in completely unblocked off the PA look by UGA. Nothing Mason can do

    46th throw>> (Incomplete) 13 yard throw on a slant, man defense finally, ball thrown behind Bennett.

    34-27 GT OT

    End of game
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    I have watched him play a little , my overall take was that he is a drop off from the previous QB Murry but that he could be a good game manager and win in big games distributing the ball to the numerous playmaker they have.

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