Having troubles using this site, on both IE and Chrome browsers.

Discussion in 'Gator Bytes' started by FakeRickSutcliffe, Mar 21, 2014.

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    I have (and use, depending on the site) both Chrome and Internet Explorer and would be annoyed at having to download a third browser, but this site (Gator Country forums) is giving me a lot of trouble on both the browsers I use.

    On Chrome, the page is frequently mis-aligned to the left, so that the left side of the page is completely off the side of my screen. And there is no scroll bar on the bottom to enable me to slide over to the left. It's skewed over so far that it's impossible to post messages, and I can't even see people's usernames and avatars beside the posts.

    On Internet Explorer the page is centered like it's supposed to be, so I can see people's names and post messages like normal. HOWEVER, while writing a message the page sometimes re-freshes all by itself without warning, and the message I was typing vanishes. An error message down at the bottom of the screen briefly pops up and says something like, "A problem with this page caused IE to automatically refresh the page."

    So between those two issues I haven't been posting much lately and obviously the forum is worse off for that. ;)

    Anybody else having problems like these?

    Any advice, anyone?
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    I have not seen the behaviors you describe and use both browsers you listed, depending on where I happen to be. I know that the ad blocker in Chrome got quite upset with the advertisements a few weeks ago. The behavior in that case seemed to be that the graphics for the forums and threads would appear but no text for a fairly long period of time.

    Wish I could offer suggestions. The only weak suggestion would be to remove and reinstall Chrome but that seems unlikely to resolve the issue.

    Hopefully someone will have some better ideas.

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