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Discussion in 'Too Hot for Swamp Gas' started by GatorGrowl, Jul 12, 2013.

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    The thread is having some posts that I consider out of line and I whacked them (14 out of 250 or so).

    Here is what GC will not allow.

    Posts that insult other posters-if you quote an insult and make a harmless reply your post may get whacked still.

    Posts about lynchings and racism that have nothing to do with this trial.

    Posts accusing others of wanting to riot (others meaning posters on this site)

    I recognize there is an element of race to this trial and verdict, shouldn't be, but that is the way it is. Those posts and observations are legit and can stand, but to try to boil the pot and incite will get your posts whacked (so to speak) and you maybe blocked from Too Hot.

    I just glanced at the 250 posts so I do not claim to have been razor sharp in the deletes, so if you see something that was a direct insult to another poster or bringing up racial issues where they have no place in this thread then please report the post (it is on the left side of each post under the rep blocks and says [​IMG]

    Every moderator, Solari and Bernadette get a copy. If you do not like the answer or see no results then PM me. I will be out Saturday (wedding ugh) but I will reply, if it is bad then PM Nana and she can take care of it till I get home.

    If a verdict comes in and things get too hot for too hot we will simply close the threads and allow no discussion, but that will be a last resort.
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