Fearless Forecast: Week 2

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    Pick along. Beat me and win a free month of Gator Country. Beat me for the entire season and win a free year of Gator Country.


    #9 FLORIDA OVER #24 MIAMI: This year marks the 30th anniversary of the first Miami national championship. Himmicane fans love to recall that marvelous season. You never forget your first, although their memory does get a bit convenient when you bring up the fact that in the season opener the Gators ran over, under, around and through them en route to a 28-3 thrashing. And speaking of convenient memories, there is the Florida Flop. That happened 42 years ago but if you talk to a Himmicane fan you would think it happened two weeks ago. The U has won five national championships, four of which were in the last century although you wouldn’t know it talking to them. Their last national title was 12 years ago. That’s 84 in dog years and given where Miami is on the relevance scale in 2013, they’re about 84 years removed from their last national title. The Himmicanes view Saturday’s game as a chance to become relevant again. They want this one. They desperately need this one. But as much as they desperately need it, it isn’t going to happen.

    #6 SOUTH CAROLINA OVER #12 GEORGIA: Aaron Murray, who had a critical fumble and threw an untimely interception to help the Poodles lose at Climpson last Saturday night, has never beaten South Carolina. Murray is 0-3 as a starter including such lasting memories such as that 2011 game – won by South Carolina, 45-42 – in which he threw a pick six interception at the end of the third quarter and then fumbled the ball when hit by Jadeveon Clowney into the waiting arms of Melvin Ingram, who scored a fourth quarter touchdown. Last year Murray was 11-31 for 109 yards as Georgia lost, 35-7, to the Thunder Chickens. In that game Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall combined for 76 rushing yards. Jadeveon Clowney is drooling in his sleep while thinking about Aaron Murray and South Carolina’s run defense is better than it was last year. The Thunder Chickens win and the Poodles drop to 0-2.

    #9 LSU OVER UAB: In the previous four years, LSU took Russel Shepard, one of the best offensive prospects to come out of Texas in eons and turned him into a non-factor. Shepard is proof that you have to get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on Les Miles. It only took him four years to figure out that he needed a new offensive coordinator. Now that Les has Cam Cameron calling the plays, LSU has a chance to be scary on offense. Their wide receivers no longer feel like Maytag repairmen – the loneliest men in town – because they’re actually seeing the football. That’s good news for LSU, bad news for everyone else. UAB is going to get lit up like a torch Saturday and Zach Mettenberger is going to have a field day throwing to Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry.

    #7 TEXAS A&M OVER SAM HOUSTON STATE: Sam Houston State is best known for being Dan Rather’s alma mater. It’s in Huntsville, which is best known for being the home of the Texas State Prison and its famous prison rodeo. They do play an exciting brand of football at Sam Houston State and D1AA teams tremble at the thought of playing the mighty Bearkats. Texas A&M isn’t D1AA and the Aggies aren’t about to tremble. They could hang at least 50 on the Bearkats even without Johnny Football, who is making a strong case for the most disliked Heisman winner since O.J.

    OLE MISS OVER SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE: Ole Miss is going to be 2-0 after this one. By halftime most folks will be making their way back to The Grove to pick up where they left off when they were so inconveniently interrupted by a totally irrelevant football game. It’s only irrelevant because SEMO State is really bad and Ole Miss has a chance to be really good. It’s a far cry from the days when Coach O roamed the sidelines. I miss Coach O.


    AUBURN OVER ARKANSAS STATE: They have this revolving door at Arkansas State. Hugh Freeze was the head coach there for one year and then he got the Ole Miss job. Gus Malzahn was the head coach there for one year and then he got the Auburn job. Now Bryan Harsin, the former offensive coordinator at Boise State prior to Brent Pease, is the Arkansas State coach and he’s got a mishmash of players recruited by Freeze and Malzahn. Harsin is not going to win Saturday when he squares off with Gus in a paycheck game at Auburn, but figure by the end of the year Arky State will be doing just fine in the Sun Belt and Harsin will be on a lot of wish lists to coach at someplace where they pay more than $750,000 a year.

    VANDERBILT OVER AUSTIN PEAY: This is a get well game for Vanderbilt. The Commodores had several of what can only be described as Vanderbilt moments last Thursday against Ole Miss. A Vanderbilt moment is when you think you’ve got a game won but you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Vanderbilt had about four Vanderbilt moments in the fourth quarter alone against Ole Miss. There will be no Vanderbilt moments against Austin Peay.

    KENTUCKY OVER MIAMI OF OHIO: Back in the spring of 1953, they held the end of the year sports banquet at Kentucky. Seated to the left of the president of the school was football coach Bear Bryant, who had turned UK into a football power. On the right side was Adolph Rupp, whose basketball program got the death penalty from the NCAA and didn’t field a team for the 1952-53 season. At the end of the banquet, the president called Bryant to the podium and gave him a small box. In it was an engraved gold cigarette lighter. Then he called Rupp to the podium and gave him a box that was the exact same size as the one he gave Bryant. In it were the keys to a Cadillac convertible. Realizing he was never going to be as important as the basketball coach, Bryant coached the 1953 season then left for Texas A&M. Kentucky has a new coach in Mike Stoops. If he hasn’t yet realized that he will never be as important as basketball is to UK fans, then he will soon. He will be 1-1 after this game, but Louisville is next on the schedule and that will mean 1-2, which will also mean that UK fans will be hunting down the scalpers to buy Midnight Madness tickets.

    ARKANSAS OVER SAMFORD: The Pigs will have no problems with Samford and Son this week. Southern Miss, which has lost 13 straight comes to town next week and then there will be a game with Rutgers from the former Big Least Conference. That’s good for a 4-0 start that will have the Piglets thinking Brett Bielma is a football Einstein. Einstein only had to figure out how to split the atom. Bielma will have to figure out how to win football games with Texas A&M, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina on consecutive weekends.

    MISSISSIPPI STATE OVER ALCORN STATE: This is a game that is all about perceptions. Here in Gainesville, we think of Starkville as the end of the world. It’s not really, but it’s one of the end of the world’s suburbs. The folks in Starkville think Alcorn is the end of the world. The folks in Alcorn think Starkville is a big and exciting city. See, it’s all about perceptions. The perception is that Dan Mullen will hang at least 50 on the very brave Alcorn Braves.

    MISSOURI OVER TOLEDO: Gary Pinkel was the coach at Toledo once. That was before all but about five of the current Toledo players were born. A lot has changed since then. When Pinkel was coaching Toledo, the Rockets were battling for championships of the Big MAC. Now he’s coaching Missouri. He never made Mizzou a champion in the Big 12 and now he’s in the SEC. The Tigers aren’t going to be champions any time soon in the SEC, either. But they will win Saturday against Holy Toledo.

    TENNESSEE OVER WESTERN KENTUCKY: The Bobby Petrino Redemption Tour takes a little bit of a hit this weekend in Dollywood but it will be close call. The boys from Dollywood are going to have all sorts of problems with Petrino’s sophisticated passing game. WKU, meanwhile, is going to have even more problems stopping the Tennessee running game. They gave up 6 yards a carry against Kentucky last week. If you give up 6 yards a carry to Kentucky it’s a telltale sign that your defense is in deepest and darkest linguine against a team with a legitimate SEC offensive line. WKU will flirt with an upset but it’s asking too much, even of Petrino, to start the season 2-0 against the SEC.
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