Disappointing news for the Republican Party

Discussion in 'Too Hot for Swamp Gas' started by chompalot, Nov 26, 2013.

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    Really? Have you been paying attention to the government politics since Obama took office? How many Pubs worked to help design the ACA? This is what happens when on party (the Pubs) are the minority party in D.C., the Leftists take full control and couldn't acre less about the other half of the country.

    Our country is listing to the left and the only way to right/balance the ship is to push hard top the right. The Pubs let Obama walk all over them, and that's why I vote Tea Party Conservative now. I want less government and more freedom, the freedom and balance of power that the Pubs seemed to have abdicated to our reigning king.

    I too an an American... one that wants what's best for all Americans, but compromise with the Leftists is tantamount to capitulation is a slow but still painful, all controlling nanny state. Rights are not free, but the Leftists think they are free to take the little freedom that we still enjoy away from us. This will never change, these aren't the same old school Dems that used to want what best for America, Like JFK... these Leftists are for UN control and a BS new world order where the communists in China and Russia rule our country by default.

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