Couple of Notes: Off Week

Discussion in 'Swamp Gas' started by BengermanV, Oct 27, 2013.

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    1. Was watching Alabama/Tennessee today, and noticed that 'Bama was passing the ball (often deep) well into the 4th quarter, despite having a 30+ point lead. If I've learned one thing in the Muschamp era, it's that his conservative ideology is pretty rare now-a-days. I get that he doesn't feel the need to score points when he feels the game is in hand, but it's a waste of valuable practice. Not to mention, every time you run a new play, you give future defenses something to think about.

    2. Any updates on potential redshirts for Driskel and Debose? I assumed Driskel would red-shirt if possible. He has virtually no stock in the NFL draft at this point, so if possible, it seems like they would take that route. Debose has had so many injuries I wouldn't be shocked if he just wanted to call it a day.

    3. Most draft sites don't have RoPo leaving this year. Originally, I thought it would be a sure thing he left. But if there's not much potential for him to be drafted, I wonder if he would elect to stay for next year.

    4. I was not aware Mack Brown is only a junior. It seems like he's been here forever. We are going to have a huge backload at RB next year with Lane, Taylor, Brown, a healthy Jones, and Dalvin Cook.

    5. Watching the Oregon/UCLA game reminded me what it was like when we used to be so good at getting fast guys in space. I'm wondering if one of our bigger issues in the passing game (right behind the O-Line, obviously) is that we aren't drawing up good routes. I've mentioned it before, but the lack of crossing routes, slants, and out routes have been noticeable. Thoughts?
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    1. Satan is a douche... 'nuff said.

    2. Both are eligible for red-shirt and are assumed to be red-shirting.

    3. I really hope he stays, but he's not a first rounder if he leaves, IMHO.

    4. Injuries and a run oriented offense is very appealing to running backs willing to share time and carries.

    5. That's not WM's style, but maybe it's our personnel too. I miss those days too.
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    Watching teams in hurry up was fun too. WRs fighting for passes. OLine pancakes. Lack of penalties. OSU and Meyer looked Nasty. Hes still got it.

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