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Discussion in 'The GatorTail Pub' started by COGatorman, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Looks like the older of the two junior COGatorman types (we will call him Landon for purposes of this discussion) will be playing a zero week game for his varsity team in the Orlando area this year.

    Landon will be a senior, and hopefully starter, linebacker and/or fullback in the KSA event in August of next year. Don't know the opponent yet, but I will update once we know (helps to get some scouting - should be a Florida team).

    Unfortunately, it looks like we will be a weekend early to come to the Swamp to see the new OC take care of Idaho, but we are likely to make an unofficial visit to O-town regardless.

    I hope to be in touch as the trip evolves and would love to meet some fellow GC pubsters while there - it has been way too long since my last trip home to Florida!

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