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    Cayman Island, Banks, beaches and BMW'S.
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    sorry that I looked into this thread after you left for the Caymans

    #1 tip----before going on a vacation either buy or visit library to read thru Frommer's books related to travel. He;s been doing it for decades and does great job of finding and rating restaurants, hotels, cities, clubs, beaches, etc, etc, etc. Gives great tips on must sees and must avoids. Also gives tips regarding what to bring, what local governments are like, etc.
    #2 tip----read up on Conde Naste travel mag or visit their website

    1. Caymans are 'proper' British. Unless you go well off the tourist areas
    2. Buy some Cayman Rum....they make good rum
    3. Buy your wife/girlfriend some jewelry with Black Coral in it.
    4. Dive, dive, dice----if you aren't a scuba diver yet---work on that while you are there.
    5. 7 Mile Beach
    6. Visit the small building that is the location of a ton of corporations. Simply put the building is the location of a ton of corporations that want to take advantage of Cayman tax laws
    7. Simply put, the Caymans aren't much of a touristy place except for 7Mile Beach, Diving, and black coral and rum. That's why the cruise ships love it---most everything you can do there you can do in a day(except for going on a diving holiday there.
    8. get some of the visors that are hand decorated there for your wife/girlfriend, children, and yourself. First cruise my wife and I went on(almost 30 years ago now, was to Caymans. She got her eyes on a yellow dress in the cruise ship shop. Which I snuck down while she was getting showered for dinner the first night, And bought her the dress. Peasant style bright yellow dress with brown cloth belt. She went into the shop and the clerk there asked if she'd model it in a show the ship puts on to pump their sales.). Anyway, a couple of days later the ship pulled into Grand Cayman, she was wearing the dress and got her eyes on the visors the women were selling. My God, if you think SOS is into wife out does him. Ended up buying a bunch of the visors. Also ended up buying 4 more of the dresses(another yellow and some other dresses of other colors)

    AND WE WEREN'T EVEN MARRIED YET....Since then we've averaged 3 cruises a year.

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