Case Keenum

Discussion in 'Swamp Gas' started by Chompsuey, Nov 4, 2013.

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    The whole Houston Texans organization should be fired for allowing him to be on the practice squad and not playing in front of Shaub or Yates. Hell most GM 's should resign along with talent evaluators for not drafting him. I mean why would they leave their best QB on the bench? Did he not practice well? Is he just a "gamer"? Kubiak must be in over his head. FIRE HIM NOW. This message has been brought to you from a proud supporter of Muschamp!:joecool:
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    Fire 'em all.

    I would do those jobs for a fraction of what they are paying now. I bet there are a lot of guys here who would as well. GC should host a job fair, and invite ADs and Owners to evaluate the talent on GC forums.

    That is what happened when my airline went broke. Don't think anyone got hired though.

    I also support Muschamp. He will be a very successful coach one day; I hope it is at UF.

    (I was privileged to watch Mat Shaub in college; so I have followed his pro career. Not long ago he was the darling of the cognoscenti. Don't know what is going on this year. Of course, I note that Rivers was the goat last year; now he is back. Eli was trying on goat suits for awhile earlier in the year. Maybe, like the climate, there are cycles in human performance.)

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