Can we win throwing the ball?

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    Just looking through the first half and when we were in non power sets, Toledos general plan was to play with a single high safety and have the corners bail into a 3 deep look and the strong safety on the slot. Alot of 4-5 man underneath zones with some man under looks thrown in. So yes. When we spread the field out Toledo was in an umbrella coverage.

    Acouple of points to make.
    1. When you're the lesser talented football team you do one of two things. You load the box and play aggressive and hope they don't burn you, or you play soft and keep everything in front of you and make the offense take the long way down the field. The latter is more prevalent because you don't want to give up quick scores because you got out talented, and greater number of snaps you make them take can improve the chances of mistakes. This was very clearly Toledos game plan.

    2. The offense does "Take what the defense gives them." Always. It is what matchups and adjustments being made off of what you are given and you force the defense to adjust back If you put 9 guys in the box vs Bama they aren't just going to just constantly run up the middle. They will adjust to what you're giving them. Take last year vs lsu for example. Lsu gave them a huge cushion on the outside on that final drive and they took advantage specifically of what lsu gave them. They drove it down the field and forced Lsu to adjust and bring pressure and they countered that with the screen pass for a td. Being stubborn and failing to adjust used to be SOS's downfall (remember 01 Auburn?) when teams would beg him to throw it 6 yards at a time and he always wanted to go vertical.

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