Brennan's Wooden Watch: Week 7

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    Moving up to number 5 on the list:

    5. Casey Prather, Florida: You know that player in your pickup game who plays about five times harder than everybody else? Maybe he’s overly serious about pickup, or maybe he’s just trying to get a good workout in. Either way, every time he comes on the court you do your best to make sure you’re not guarding him, because you’re tired and don’t really feel like wrestling for rebounds and watching for back cuts on every possession?

    That must be what it’s like guarding Prather. His Synergy scouting breakdown is a how-to guide for turning hustle into points: His most-used offensive play type (27.1 percent, to be exact) is transition, where he averages 1.26 points per possession. Prather generates another 20 percent of his possessions via cuts and offensive rebounds/putbacks. When Prather is shooting the ball at a standstill, he’s not very good. When he is moving around the rim -- as the ball handler in a pick-and-roll, for instance, or diving into the lane or working in behind defenders for offensive rebounds -- he shoots an astonishingly high percentage. Opposing teams know this by now, but Prather keeps producing. Does any player in the country work harder for his points?
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