Arab Summer - Egyptian Revolution

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    [Ripley]...I already said they were not indigenous, it was a alien vessel, it was a derelict ship, it was not from there[/Ripley]

    The strategic notion that we could put our proverbial thing down in the Middle East and the enemy we needed to destroy would come to us like bugs to a bug light was dinner table conversation. Never said they successfully or even more than halfassedly implemented it. This was also at the time when people with some sense of historical realism assumed we would actually and openly admit that we were an occupational force and have an occupational government and actually enforce civil order. We didn't do that, at all.

    But, again, the point was, it was a rationale for doing it that one could articulate at the time we went in. Hell, even the liberal paranoid nonsense that turned out untrue that we just wanted oil oil oil was an articulabel rationale.

    What is the articulable rationale for destabilizing the most populous Arab nation with the most cooperative regime both with us and for peace with Israel in favor of the certainty that the Muslim Brotherhood would end up filling that vacuum? That was for our benefit... how? I am not asking for an actual successful outcome, just a coherent sounding thing that a reasonable person might have expected to happen at the time, that benefited the US.
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    Your after the fact attempt at rationalizing the disastrous Iraq war is incomprehensible.

    We didn't destabilize Mubarak.

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