Anti-Gun Democrats Recalled in Colorado

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    Hopefully this becomes a trend..

    Despite hundreds of thousands of out-of-state dollars, including a reported $350,000 from the nanniest of the nanny-staters, poured into defending two Democratic Colorado state senators in historic recall elections, both Senator John Morse (CO Springs) and Senator Angela Giron (Pueblo) were recalled on Tuesday night in Colorado’s first-ever legislative recall elections.

    It is difficult to pin down just what was spent and by whom in these races, but a reasonable guess is that the anti-recall (which is to say Democrat, anti-Second Amendment, Bloomberg pawns, etc.) efforts outspent the pro-recall side (which included the NRA) by about two-to-one. In Colorado, the American Federation of Teachers wasted $25,000 of their members’ money in defense of Morse and Giron — no doubt for the children.

    Senator Morse conceded at about 9:15 PM; about an hour later, the El Paso County Clerk posted the final results of 51% “Yes” (for the recall) to 49% “No,” making Morse the first legislator recalled in the history of Colorado. This scalp is all the more significant because Morse is — make that was — president of the state senate.

    In Pueblo, the “Yes” vote to recall Sen. Giron trounced the “No” vote by a 56% to 44% margin, a remarkable result in a district that has nearly twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans and where Giron beat her Republican opponent by almost the same margin in 2010. Clearly, Pueblo’s rural and blue-collar character makes it not a very safe place for elitist gun-haters who are transparently manipulated by out-of-state puppet masters.
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    Oh well. Good for Colorado.

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