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    Good things.
    Good execution by the offense. The mid range passing game is much improved this year and Tyler Murphy looks comfortable running the offense no matter what the play call is. I'm a big Driskel fan but it's nice to see Murphy doing mostly all good stuff out there. I don't believe we are any worse and may be a little better on offense with our backup QB.

    The offensive line looked a little better last night than they have all season, less penalties and they seemed to be a little better on their assignments. Pass protection was solid but I think Murphy is also helping them look better with his ability to make throws on the run.

    RB's look healthy and Jones is close to being 100%.....Mack Brown did what Mack Brown does, hits what hole there is and gets us 4 or 5 YPC. I also saw some small improvement in their pass protection last night. No fumbles !!!

    WR's are doing pretty well. I'm pleasantly surprised that Trey Burton has been so consistent this year. Dunbar seems to be getting open as a 2nd read and Murphy has the whereabouts to actually get him the ball. Overall this group has shown solid improvement over last year.

    Defense was very good as usual. The linebackers were more noticeable last night and seemed to be in proper position. Secondary did great, I don't remember any missed tackles and they were aggressive without getting any penalties. The defensive line was solid.

    The Bad.
    Trying ANOTHER SHORT out pass on 3rd down. Teams will continue to get a free interception in every game if we continue to use this play......I said it last week, it has been scouted to death by the opposing team.....just stop using it.

    Not taking a shot at the end of the 1st half after stopping them on 4th down with 28 seconds left.....Let it fly and even if it's intercepted they're not going to score. If we score there it's over and a lot of guys who need reps get them in the second half. I'll go ahead and tie the fact that we burned all 3 of our timeouts for no real reason already prevented us from using it as a two minute drill practice and at least getting our FG kicker another shot at more points.

    Special teams are not so special so far this year and last night was more of the same. I smelled the fake FG before we even lined up. 95% of all FG's that are blocked come from up the gut, not off the edge. We need a punt returner bad, if not to return it then at least fair catch it and avoid losing extra yards of field position.

    Last but not least get some of the other RB's in the game when there was 4 minutes left and the outcome was determined. Yes I want to see Matt Jones get a lot of yards but I don't want to see him get injured at a point where we have already won the game.

    Overall more good than bad but anybody that doesn't see we need work in some of the same areas is kidding themselves.

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