2013-14 Bowl Season Pick Em

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    Gator Country will have a bowl season Pick Em Contest that begins with the games played today, December 21, 2013. There are 35 games to be played so if you miss the first four (due to my being late in getting this posted) you should have plenty of to catch up.

    The link to the Pick Em is above the forum page index.

    To play please do the following.

    Click on or hover over the Pick Em link-
    Choose Manage Your Pools
    Choose the 2013-14 Bowl Season Pool and Join
    Then back to Pick Em Link and choose manage your picks
    When that list comes up all games are listed-scroll to bottom of list and choose edit games
    There you can make your picks.
    The games lock at game time for that game. So you do not have to make all your picks at one time.

    Couple of notes, I did list the time and date of each game, why it does not state them I have no idea.

    Also, I did schedule the close for the morning after the BCS title games, so pay more attention to the hours left in the pool than the date (which on my screen states this right now Week Week One closes Dec 21, 2013
    (410.4 hours from now))

    We did have a similar pool prior to today, but I had to wipe that out, so for the seven who had joined, you will need to join this pool.

    I will add the results as soon as I can each day.

    Feel free to field your questions, but being this all knew we may have to find out somethings as they develop.

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