10 things UF could do to improve attendance at games

Discussion in 'Swamp Gas' started by bcdowling, Sep 27, 2013.

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    Personally, I'm probably going to get my season tickets one more year but if this team under-performs in Muschamp's fourth year, I'm not going to buy them anymore. Matter of fact, if we struggle to beat whatever mediocre opponent in the opener, I'll probably hand pick a pair of big game tickets for myself and sell the rest.

    I know it sounds like a "bad Gator fan", but I've done this for years, in very hard economic times over the last four years, and it's just not worth the money anymore if I can spend $15 to make a big Mexican taco food spread at the house for half a dozen people and watch the game in the A/C on the big screen t.v. and have access to a fridge and a bathroom just a few feet away. :wink:

    I'll probably still buy a pair of tickets once in a while and go to a game, but if this is what we're going to get for years to come, I'll just watch it from home.
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    Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. :grin:
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    There really isn't anything new discussed in the 10 reasons, we have heard these before. It simply supply and demand. Sure all of the reasons / solutions have merit but with the explosion of college football over the last couple decades, has had unintended consequences. Like lessening the fact that year over year we were left wanting more. With additions of 11 and then 12 games it's reaching overload.

    Which explains simply, supply and demand....

    The internet, creature comforts, boozing it up with a heater in yo mouth are scenes from yesteryear! We used to say BHG stadium would never pipe in music, well we do now and have been for years. The popo popping kids for standing on seats or squeezing in is ridiculous. Personally I had an incident a couple years ago when an ACS officer asked me for my ticket going into my section. Was with my 10 year old and when we went to concession I must have dropped. He wouldn't let us in the section. After halftime, crowd was thinning and he was putting his foot down. I've never been arrested, been lucky when younger , but my son will never forget this little interaction me and this idiot engaged in. At least I got out as much as I could. I was another word from being arrested, his words. Point is popo do factor in,just do.

    IMO the fact that students must have ticket and ID is a major factor in attendance. I've said it many times. Gainesville is a young persons town. Kids from all over come in to see girlfriends, look for girlfriends etc. even before UF tool off as an academic institution not all attended football games. Kids that were at the games may have been 75-25 actual UF students. Now it's prolly 95 or so percent and just a few that wiggle their way in with fake ids or something. 20 percent more students would for sure make up the empties we typically see recently in student sections. Sure UF students should get priority but who cares if they sell them to a sf student or boyfriend from Miami. Shoot plenty of bull gators, season ticket holders did not attend UF. Other than obvious priority given to those that went here.

    Back to my point, supply and demand.

    Lower ticket prices , especially cupcakes. Or just sell day of game tickets for 20 bucks. Look at attendance everywhere, it's going down.

    Let's see what the braves draw next week in baseball playoffs.

    Personally. Loosen ridiculous far reaching rules at the stadium, lower ticket prices for non season ticket holders when southeastern New Mexico comes to town, and stop requiring students to have ids with tickets.

    13 games is a big mistake, but 9 sec makes sense. Fla Georgia in Jax is unique and needs to stay there. Maybe do the 4 year cycle thing with home and home.

    I want to be left wanting more, not overloaded. It's overload now. Do I really need to go to all 7 home games plus one or two on road and Jax? I'm pretty die hard and I find that some weekends are just not that important when it's western Kentucky at noon....supply and demand, supply and demand

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