Mar 21, 2007
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October 21

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Kayakin' down the Suwannee... Nov 28, 2013

    1. masgator
      I've enjoyed many yrs with Gator Country, but I respectfully request you cancel my subscription. Your writer, Andrew Spivey, is inept and will be the ultimate undoing of your web site. When he criticized Gator icons like Larry Vettel, you have a real problem. I have always thought you were a Gator icon yourself, but this site has sunk to new lows. Sincerely and respectfully, Mark Sieron
    2. 60sDCGator
      I have not been able to access the chat room since the new changes in the took pace. I'n fact I can't even find the chart room anyy longer. I emailed GG to seek help weeks ago and never received a reply that I know of. Can someone please contact me ASAP?
      1. srqgator likes this.
    3. swollenthunder9
      Why is it that on the new rating system anyone can dislike anything you write for no reason. I blocked someone last week and they did this to me and got another dislike today from the same person it still shows them as blocked. I don't won't the negative marks against me. I have 4 and none were deserved. It's like people take pleasure in ruining your name on here.
    4. wilbur1115858
      Hi Ray,

      I recently renewed my membership as my address had changed so the billing wasn't working.

      When I logged back on my user name had changed from Wilbur11 to wilbur1115858....and I had lost all my trophy points and previous posts, etc...I have been an insider since 2009 and I would like my history back.

      Can I please be restored?

      Thank you,

      Matthew (Wilbur11)
    5. supagator
      Can you please explain what trophy points are? Are likes ( commonly referred to as licks in the pub ) the new way to rep? If so, will there ever be any icons added?
    6. wrrgator
      I also left my phone number on the contact email i sent in earlier. Thanks
    7. wrrgator
      I have sent an email in & left a message on the phone number but have not heard anything back yet as far as getting some help with this problem. Can you have someone contact me please? My email is
    8. wrrgator
      Hey Ray, I have been trying to renew my subscription since I had to replace my CC on file with a new one due to my old one being stolen. When I process it I get an error message that says bad address.
    9. wilbur11
      Do I have to upgrade to have an avatar photo? I am a premium member insider at the moment. Thanks.
    10. wilbur11
      You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
      If you're trying to read our premium content, join Gator Country today.
    11. wilbur11
      Sorry to bother you again Ray. But when I try to enter an avatar photo I get the following message (in the next message)
    12. FloridaGator80
      Hi there. Posting this where I can. Will the chat room work for the F$U game? I have tested it a couple of times and just get 'invalid username/password' message.
      1. Solari
        It works for me, but I noticed the chat software is a little incompatible with our new software. It was reported to the developer and they're aware of it.
        Nov 30, 2013
    13. wilbur11
      Thanks, Ray.
    14. wilbur11
      Ray, thanks for all your hard work. Can you give me instructions on how to add a profile photo to my account? Thanks. Go Gators.
      1. Solari likes this.
      2. Solari
        Nov 30, 2013
    15. Solari
      Kayakin' down the Suwannee...
    16. gatoron89
      Ray- I'm enjoying the new site, however, I'm not able to use the app on my iPhone or iPad. I can see the threads. But get error messages when I click to open them. Thx
      1. Solari
        Nov 28, 2013
    17. 95Gator
      One addition to my below post. What would be a great addition that I'd like to add in to the suggestion box would be an IM feature. I understand that as a forum you want things for everyone to read but sometimes a quick note to a friend online is desirable. I think it would even increase length of visits. Just drop it in the suggestion box for me. :)
      1. Solari likes this.
      2. Solari
        Thanks, @95Gator! You're too kind. ; ) You're also ahead of me - we are indeed planning on some kind of instant messenger but keep that veerry quite. ; ) Thanks again.
        Nov 27, 2013
    18. 95Gator
      That Christmas Avatar always freaks me out a bit. So after moving around for a bit the new lay out is freaking awesome. Absolutely love it. The quick links and the ability to follow has become so much easier and intuitive. Bravo to the team that did it. Go get them a gig for Thanks again for kicking arse Ray.
      1. Solari likes this.
    19. Solari
      Kayakin' down the Suwannee
    20. G8RNTN
      Spivey told me i should recieve a second place prize for the gc bowl pickem contest..... Told me to msg you.
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