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Nov 21, 2017 at 4:16 PM
Apr 3, 2007
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Nashville TN
Asst Plant Manager/Utilities

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GC Hall of Fame, from Nashville TN

VIP Member
MusicCityGator was last seen:
Nov 21, 2017 at 4:16 PM
    1. gatorcrimlaw08
      Sorry to bother you, are you able to tell me if the thread I started on Dalvin Cook today was deleted or just moved? I don't see it here anymore. I don't mean any disrespect, just curious so I know for next time!
    2. Gatordad699
      I opened this thread "Can this Coaching Staff win National/SEC Titles?" and now it says it was moved. What does that mean? I can't find where it was moved to. Thank you.
    3. mebegene
      MusicCity - hey its Mebegene. I needed to ask whether this is a good idea for a thread? I'd like to examine whether the SEC has a vested interest in seeing Alabama go undefeated - and I mean monetarily. With all the other conference members saddled with loses so far, it doesn't appear that anyone outside of A & M or UGA with single losses stand any change of getting to the Big Game. Ok to start that kind of thread?

    4. happygatorguy
      Hey music city ( nashville ?) gator....how can you find you find out who has repped you? I only have a couple and am grateful...i am just curious. Thanks, tim
    5. arun
    6. CAGator93
      gobucks -- immediate ban.
    7. gatorr4life
      One of you moderators needs to tell that burnkarma poster to take down his stupid Zook 2.0 picture. It's one thing to say it every now and then in your posts, but to have a permanent sig pic is BS. It's pretty embarrassing, actually.
    8. vanders
      where oh were have you been?
    9. surfdh74
      Music why are some posts deleted and some not? Last yr people cried all yr about SA and I made 2 comments about Weis and both got deleted? Both are football questions on swampgas. People are crying I miss Meyer or Leak and they talk smack about this or that. I started a post about Weis about him and it's gone? I have never said anything bad to anyone before. Thanks Dave
    10. mulegator
    11. mulegator
      OK thank you
    12. mulegator
      Can you suggest someone that might know ?
    13. mulegator
      Just cleaning up my posts. Am I able to delete my posts or just the Mod Squad ?
    14. mulegator
      Good morning,
      Question - How do you delete a post ?
    15. vanders
      Hows it going? Haven't seen you around.
    16. MusicCityGator
      They have been out for a week up here. Had to make up a few snow days, but that didn't really effect Tammy.
    17. vanders
      7 more days..... longest days of the year
    18. vanders
      hey.... hows it going?
    19. vanders
      it is JUST because she can.... :) Does she teach? I forgot... if she does in defense the end of the year is way to physical. I've lifted boxes of books, climbed ladders...ect just to start Undoing the room. Makes no sense, take it down to put up in about 8 weeks, but that is the RULE.
      I went back 4 days after gallbladder and Stu worked the day following some heart surgery~ but we are fools and trying to work our way into heaven.
    20. vanders
      how is wife?
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    Nashville TN
    Asst Plant Manager/Utilities