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Jun 25, 2007
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Viewing thread USA Today ranks / analyzes all 128 FBS teams, Jul 23, 2014 at 8:48 AM
    1. Gatorgal04
      Hi Mulegator,
      Unfortunately, there is no way for you to delete a message. I find that most people will go in and Edit it, erase what they entered and leave "nm" (for no message). If you want a message deleted entirely, let me know as I can do that for you.
    2. MusicCityGator
      You can ask any mod on any board, but if you don't have the drop down tab to do it then that should answer your question, shouldn't it? The tab would be where your edit tab is located, which you can always go back and delete wording with the edit tab.
    3. MusicCityGator
      I really don't know. I have been working for GC since 2001 and really can't remember.
    4. mulegator
      Was cleaning up some of my stuff. Can I do it myself ?
    5. MusicCityGator
      There is a drop down window that all mods use. Do you have a post you want deleted?
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    "The United States of America - Saving the World Since 1776!"


    Vietnam Era U S Navy Veteran. Attended UF and lived in Hoggetowne 1975-1990. WGVL Radio Program Director in mid to late 70's. Before moving to Tallahassee, I lived in Calvary, Georgia, 30 minutes north of Tallahassee. Calvary is home of Mule Day, first Saturday in November each year. Thus .. MuleGator! Here in TallyTown I am surrounded by FSU Semi-Nulls and Georgia Bulldawgs! Need to find some more Gators around here!