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April 19
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Christiana, Tennessee
Certified Speed & NFL Combine trainer

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Gator At Large, Male, from Christiana, Tennessee

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#DakotaStrong Jul 7, 2017

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    1. Gator_84_88
    2. Gator30339
      Agree to the sentiments below. Thank you Zo! Your integrity with clients will always win the long game.
      1. harnettgator likes this.
    3. KYgator08
      Thanks for everything you bring/brought to the boards. Really enjoy your information and perspective on things!
      1. harnettgator likes this.
    4. didipi3
      didipi3 Zo I would also like to be on your PM list.I, like most others really looked forward to your postings and inside info.Hope and pray your sister is getting better. Thanks
    5. melgators
      Zo ,the first thing I do when I login to GC is look for posts from you. I don't post often because I don't want to get eaten alive. I would really appreciate if you would add me to your PM list. Your insight is into all things football and UF is so interesting. Thanks
      1. harnettgator likes this.
    6. wafflehead
      I pay to get info. I have no desire nor knowledge to question your contributions. If possible please add me. If not Thank you for sharing what you have shared. Thank you for your consideration.
    7. MrB-Gator
      Zo....thank you for all you do and what you do for these kids.
      Hang in there.....
      Also...please add me to you PM list.
    8. DesertGator
      Zo, can you please add me to your PM list? I enjoy hearing what you (among a few others) have to say. Thanks!
    9. mcgator1
      I would also like to be added to your pm list. Always enjoy your posts. I love the Gators but hate all the drama cluttering GC lately. Thanks
    10. ewrivera21
      And if you could add me to your pm list I would greatly like to hear what you have to say thank you so much!
    11. ewrivera21
      Thank you zo for all the things you post and do for gator nation you are one of the reasons I got on this site to hear inside info and I hope you come back soon man!
    12. Gatorrick22
      I just want to say thank you, and that I appreciate all that you do for us on these forums. Thanks all lot for all the time and effort you put into what you write, Zo.
      1. harnettgator likes this.
    13. fayettegator
      Thanks ZO, I don't post much but use to enjoy reading posts but not anymore. I'm thinking about not staying a member of GC because of all the negative attacks. BUT I love the Gators and enjoy posts from certain people including yourself. Thanks again for all you bring to this site. I hope your Family is well. Thanks Mike
    14. canongator
      Hello Zo, wish you and the family a very Merry Christmas, praying for your sister. Did not realize all of you and your family had dealt with cancer until your post. Praying for a cure. Thanks for posting here on GC, enjoy your insight and speaking from your heart. Take care, someday we can meet and break bread and talk all things Gator.
    15. slickkkkk15
      Zo, I too appreciate all of your insight you bring to this board! I would love to be added to your PM's/Updates, that way I can finally bring inside information to Bailiegh before she has it!
    16. captainjoe24
      Zo, would like to be included in your PM's/Updates if possible.

      Appreciate your board insight.

    17. ColoGator
      Hi Zo, I went to UF the same time as you based on your username (84 - 88) ... What position did you play at UF? I was a friend of Joe Henderson... He and I went to high school together
    18. frankf
      Can you let me know what the good news is? I have been giving AS info on the junior DT from Lee County, Ga. My brother is the Head Coach there. Urban was there last week to visit the kid. Solomon is his last name.
    19. jimmyjoestreet
      zo, thanks for all your posts, you have patience. I look past tons of crap to grin and enjoy all your posts, I went to Westwood middle school, GHS, and graduated Sante Fe, my father was a professor at UF for 18 yrs. I bleed O&B.....keep up your great work with young men chasing their dreams and keep posting for us...
    20. gator3x13692
      Zo. Gator3x here. Enjoyed meeting you last week. Can't break the code on the PM, but would like to make contact. My email is:
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    "Pray for Belinda. Pray for THE cure."

    @NFL_Speed_Coach and @eliterecruit300 (Certified Speed Trainers, NFL Combine prep)
    U.S. Army All American Bowl Recruiting Coordinator (Tenn)
    U.S. Army All American Combine Recruiting Coordinator (Tenn)
    Certified Performance Specialist NFL, NBA Combine Specialist and MLB Prep


    April 19
    Home page:
    Christiana, Tennessee
    Certified Speed & NFL Combine trainer
    Former Florida Gator football player, Wide receiver and special teams. Recently launched the first live streamed high school combine with President- Edge Athlete. Certified speed and NFL Combine trainer. Trains some of the nation's top rated athletes including high school and pro (NFL, NBA and MLB). Some past and current athletes include Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, Univ of Tenn's Jalen Hurd, Josh Malone, Todd Kelley Jr, Pig Howard, Jashon Robertson and more. Is the selection director for The U.S. Army Bowl and U.S. Army Combine for the state of Tennessee. I LOVE MY GATORS! First cousin with Vernon Maxwell and Wes Chandler and cousin of Brandon Spikes. Was youth league coach (Lakeshore Jax, FL) for Tim Tebow and Nephew Craig James remains one of Tim Tebow's good friends to this day.