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Jun 19, 2008
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April 19
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Christiana, Tennessee
Owner of certified Speed Trai

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VIP Member, Male, from Christiana, Tennessee

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Feb 26, 2015 at 7:56 PM
    1. bonannor
      I could put you with somebody that might be able to build you a fast and effective website on a wordpress platform, which is really preferred and as user friendly as it gets.
    2. G8RinATL
      Zo, I mentioned in a couple of my posts a young d-lineman (current or rising 9th grader) here in the ATL who my friend (and coach/trainer) thinks will be one of the top d-lineman in HS. The young man's name is Urriah Brown and I believe he is currently associated with North Cobb. Just thought I'd pass this on.
    3. 60sDCGator
      Zo, Im still kind of a novice in terms of how all this board stuff works, but thanks again for including me.
    4. kwgator
      Zo,thanks for all of your great posts, insight and info. I've been a member for many years and this is the only place other than the Gainesville Sun's public page that I get info. It's really disappointing a few ruin things for the majority of us. Your credibility with these kids is much more important and I totally understand your disappointment. Hopefully the message will be heard by them.
    5. hgators
      How about your cousin, I think you said, Wes?!!! Long overdue, but great recognition!
    6. gator46

      I know you don't know me but I have been on here for years. Just interested in Gator info and not an enemy fan. If you decide to trust me I won't let you down. How do I do the PM thing?
    7. grock011
      Hey Zo. First post here. Have just been a reader for years. I would love to get some info as to sending my son to one of your camps. Actually a couple other friends of mine that I have talked to about you and what you do are interested as well for their boys. We are down here in the Tavares, Mt. Dora area.
    8. kennystyle
      Zo still havnt figured out the PM. Add me if you can
    9. LimeyGator
      Hey Zo - good to see you posting today. Really appreciate what you bring to the website. Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts :) Go Gators!
    10. Juggernautz
      Please add me to your PM list. I wouldn't want to miss the big news you have,
    11. xraygator
      Zo, I would love to be added to your PM list, if possible. Thanks.
    12. StuckUpNorthGator
      Zo if it's possible. I would like to added to your PM list. I was on it for the All American game in San Antonio and would love to be again. Thanks
    13. SurfinG8or
      Hey Zo, I too would like to be included on your updates list. I really appreciate what you bring to the site.
    14. clwatergator
      Thanks for all of your postings to the board!
    15. cgator22
      Hey Zo. I was wondering if I could get on your list of updates. I don't post on GC much but I really appreciate reading your info and the stuff you post. Thanks man.
    16. enickelsen
      I read your post within the "per Mike Farrell" post and it states you give some information out to good Gator fans. Please add me to the list of yuor updates. I appreciate everythign you do and value your word moreso than any other person on this site. Keep up the great work!
    17. jkgator76
      Hey Zo, tell Mark Anderton that the Reeder's from Pensacola said hello and Happy New Year!!
    18. jimzgator
      Add me to the list that would like to receive your updates and info. Appreciate your opinions and passion to what you do for all gators. Thanks a bunch.
    19. johnagator
      Love your insight and espect for the players. Keep up the good work.
    20. lewinsonajl
      Please please tell me this nightmare is over
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    "Some become colorblind when there’s a motive."
    @NFL_Speed_Coach (U.S. Army All American and Top Gun camps) (GetSeenGetSigned-Speed Training, NFL Combine prep
    FBU i350 State Director Tennessee
    U.S. Army All American Regional Scout
    Certified NFL Combine Specialist
    Certified NBA Prep
    MLB Prep


    April 19
    Home page:
    Christiana, Tennessee
    Owner of certified Speed Trai
    Former Florida Gator football player, Wide receiver and special teams. As a freshman had to go through the remainder of college career with two bad shoulders that should have ended my career but i remained with the team anyway. I LOVE MY GATORS! First cousin with Vernon Maxwell and Wes Chandler and distant cousin with Brandon Spikes. Nephew Craig James is one of Tim Tebow's best friends.