Aug 26, 2008
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SW Florida
Civil Engineer

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Premium Member, from SW Florida

Premium Member
    1. Gatorrick22
      Awesome pics, G8trGr8t.
    2. Gatormb
      Call for info on reverse mortgages. 941-758-6303. Will give you all the pros and cons.

      Mike Brady
    3. icequeen
      I'll comment...great pictures!
    4. G8trGr8t
      1500 + visits...no comments...????

      next summer, Seattle, Vancouver Island, Canadian Ferry up the inside passage to Bella Coola, Whistler, back to Seattle

      Alaska late summer...hope to get some good humpback pictures this year and take the kids on their first halibut fishing trip
    5. G8trGr8t
    6. G8trGr8t
      900 visits...wow

      favorite photo???
    7. G8trGr8t
      Alaska (grandmas) late summer. Plane tickets through the roof right now. Looks like airlines are anticipating high oil. Normal $700 ticket is over $1k. I hope to get kids into some silver salmon again this year. I am going to try to and do the overnight halibut trip out of Homer to get halibut for freezer for next year but may setle for a day trip out of Seward, 2.5 hours closer each way. We eat halibut once a week and it never gets old. Maybe go back and hike some areas we did in bad weather conditions before. Eklutna Lake, Hatcher Pass, Independence Ridge and many others in Chugach Range can all be done from grandmas and be back in time for her cooking. May try some ice climbing on Matanuska Glacier this year, don't think I can get wifey to sit on bus for 12 hours again in Denali, although I might go it alone. Ditto for glacier/whale watching. I could do that every year but will do my whale watching from a halibut boat this year.
    8. G8trGr8t
      San Fran, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia national parks early summer. Three days to fill in the city before I get to run away to the mountains. Staying at the end of the road in Kings Canyon, may do some horseback riding here to get into real backcountry bu tnot sure horses can take us further in and out than we can hike ourselves. 8 - 10 hours in a saddle doesn't sound too fun. Last time we went to Yosemite, son was 5 with little hiking experience. Plan is to go to half dome this time. Not sure if we will le tkids do it, may depend on weather conditions. Staying in some yorts in Yosemite, should be good experience for the kids. I will miss my own bathroom though. Getting old I guess. Free plane tickets. FF miles into San Fran. Thank you citibank. So sad, they finally shut down the site for 75k miles per card.
    9. G8trGr8t

      photobucket account with pics from lots of trips.

      2012 family trips

      Grand Cayman in the spring. Got a great deal on redweek.com on a condo on the east end. WIll be first time back in 14 years. Hope my daughter tries scuba this time and I will get first real crack at doing some underwater digital. Pumped to do that, got to get my cardio ready. No pic limitation, other than air.
    10. G8trGr8t
    11. G8trGr8t
      Glacier National Park and Canadian Rockies are amazing. Will post pictures when I can in the pub photo album. Headed to Calgary Stampede tomorrow to see the chuck wagon races and then the rodeo events the following day. Have seen lots of Gator gear while traveling around.
    12. G8trGr8t
      Leaving for Alaska in 30 days. We will be doing an all day trip into Denali and heading down to Seward and doing a glacier cruise. Got one day of halibut fishing and one day of king salmon fishing squeezed in there to help fill the freezer for next year. I finally got some quality lenses so I hope to get some good shots this year. June is usually a lot sunnier than August and hopefully we see a lot of young animals in Denali.
    13. gatorcarnut
      Thanks for your quick reply.When we were there in '78 we found that the Tetons were more wild. Matter of fact, I was chased by a badger when I got too close. Believe me, that won't happen again.We will be there at the first of June. Couldn't get reservations in the park, so we are staying at west yellowstone. Ultimately going on to Vancouver Is. to stay with my wife's sister, who lives in Duncan. We will be returning by way of the coast hwy thru to midway of California. Stopping where we want.(retired).As far as bears, I have them in my yard about 2 or 3 times a month(Black thank goodness).
    14. G8trGr8t
      Thanks, glad you liked them. We are real fortunate to live in such an amazing country and I have been lucky to get to explore a lot of it with my kids.

      Some of the older pics were with a simple Minolta point and shoot when digital was just really getting started. Hawaiin / Alaskan / Yosemite scenery makes any camera look good, most of the rest without the date tags are with a Canon 20d, and a few were with a canon 40d.

      fwiw, I have found that the quality of the lens makes more difference than the camera though. Use of polarizing and other filters also helps bring out colors, add depth without resorting to editing software.

      Check the photobucket link for lots more pics of our travels if you like these.
    15. vanders
      incredible pics... enjoyed browsing through them
      what camera do you use?
    16. G8trGr8t
    17. whiskeygator
      Hey G8, I like your pictures. I seem to have an interest in similar places and activities. The grizzly photos fascinate me. In response to your post on 10/05/10, I have returned from 10 days of hiking in Glacier / Waterton area this last June and I have been to the Banff / Jasper area for hiking numerous times. These are some of my very favorite places and I am certain you will enjoy them. If you need any recommendations, I would be happy to oblige.
    18. mrrgator
      Hello, great photo at Bryce. What camera and main lens? frequent polarizer lens? tripod or monopod? again, great photo. thanks, Mikell
    19. G8trGr8t
      Anybody ever been to Glacier National Park or Canadian Rockies?

      Just booked Glacier/Waterton/Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper for next July. Also going to get to Calgary to attend the Stampede.
    20. Billygator76
      thanks for sharing that; they intend to do the same thing here; and its not the 'total' population it's the small number of terrorists that we will not be able to control or patrol certain areas. anyway thanks for the facts. Go Gators
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