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Jun 13, 2011
    1. iustawuz
      Next time you are in Palm Bay hope you didn't plan to play Port Malabar CC. They just tore down the clubhouse and olympic sized pool area.

      They play to plow the fairways..pave them with streets and build more houses in there.

      Bummer..was a fine course at one time.
    2. srezn1042
      Just stirring the pot up. Was listening at lunch time to WQAM Miami. The 10-12 time slot has Gino Torreta as the host. He is pretty affable. Had Will Allen on who was fairly objective. They were discussing the arrests under Coach Meyer with Will Allen saying that at Syracuse under Coach Pasqualani, the coach can't be everywhere and it is the individuals responsibility to follow the rules and the laws. With that Torreta's radio sidekick says " I hate the Gators and despise Urban Meyer. He feels free to comment on the MSU coach having a heart attack but wont comment on Chris Rainey. I hate that guy he is a jackass." I am not sure who the sidekick is but even for WQAM it was a bit over the top and unprofessional. It happened at about 11:50 AM on the Cover 2 show which is probably on line.
    3. Tjgators
      Buddy - That was a tear jerker today. I am nearing 40 and grew up with his boy's and was in a fraternity with Kurt and Mike. Mr. Greiner dressed me as well and helped my family get the best basketball season tickets in the Odome 25 years ago. I remember his infactuation with the horse business and being fiesty on the golf course. He made sure I was playing summer ball with coach Haley and I remember him giving my 12 year old all-star little league coach a hard time for not starting me in Sarasota. The basketball BBQ's and the early morning breakfasts were really amazing. I live in Tampa now, but Mr. Greiner was a part of my life growing up. He was really good to me. Thank you for the great stories.
    4. TenGator1
      Dear Buddy,

      I'm not sure if your the one i need to address this to. If not i hope you might pass it along to the proper channels or inform me of the proper person to talk to.

      I am a huge fan of the Gator Country Magazine. I received my latest copy yesterday in the mail. (Urbans back....and he has friends) Unfortunatly is was heavily damaged and even had pages missing from it. I would love to receive another copy if that is possible! I really appreciate the time and effort the GC staff put into the mag, and enjoy it all the way up here in Kingsport TN.

      Thank You for Your Time
      Tengator1 (Jason Lyons)
    5. dp4gators
      count my wife and I in for the party! We are staying at the hotel.
    6. hbgator
      Buddy Martin,
      I need a room for the 31 and 1st at the Monteleon if they are still available. I sent a message earlier. my e-mail address if panoback@earthlink.net. gogatorspn is my gator country password.
    7. gogatorspn
      Buddy, I need a room for the 31 and 1st at the Monteleon if they are still available. I sent a message earlier. my e-mail address if panoback@earthlink.net. gogatorspn is my gator country password.
    8. gogatorspn
      I would like to have one room for 31st and 1st of Jan if they are still available. Can you send me the code. Paul
    9. gatorbogey
      here's an idea -

      wonder if it would be possible to have meyer go back over the season and add some insightful narration to key plays in key games. maybe package it on a DVD. is that feasible. almost like they do for movies now on DVD's where the director does an narration over the movie, telling about some of the background to the filmmaking etc.

      i'd love to hear more of the x's and o's from meyer and why certain plays worked or didn't work and what the concept was for the play - given the context of the game and all.
    10. iustawuz
      Check out my avatar and you will see what an old fart looked like as a 17 year old hurdler
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