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I am excited about Sousa. nice quickness and good hands Feb 22, 2014

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Viewing forum Too Hot for Swamp Gas, Feb 22, 2017 at 4:59 PM
    1. brainstorm
      I am excited about Sousa. nice quickness and good hands
    2. brainstorm
    3. buford
      Hey Brainstorm......thanks for posting the highlights.......hudl does a good job with those.....looking at Farriors highlights made me wonder what Sousa looked like....don't think I've seen any of his highlights....could you send me a link.....mucho gracias amigo
    4. DeBigLeezard
      Hey... THANKS so much for sending me the link to that photo... now I can finish up on that t-shirt for my friend!
      Hopefully... we can finish 7--5 and beat the Clowns from Clowntown!
      Big Leezard
    5. DeBigLeezard
      Thanks for responding to my request.

      I have been Google searching for over a week now on the internet for that picture. No luck as of yet. I have looked under "Monk", "Hooded Monk", "Priest", "Hooded Priest" and so on and so on... Once again... no luck. Would you happen to have any idea as to what name one would call this picture? Is it part of a video game or a character in a book?
      OR... could you just email me a regular sized image!! I tried saving your avatar... but it is too small. Not enough pixelization in it. When I blow it up to a 5" by 7" size... it just blurs out.
      I normally don't give out my email address to Gator Country Members... but I would be happy to do so with you:
      So, if you got a copy of the full-sized picture somewhere on your hard drive... that would be wonderful!
      Thanks Brainstorm!!
    6. brainstorm
      I found it on the web years ago - I cannot remember what type of search I did in order to find it. Of course, you're welcome to use it - wish I could help you out. If I can remember how I found it I will send it to you.
    7. DeBigLeezard
      I am making a poster for a friend of mine who is a harmonica player. Your avatar is just what I need as an image for my friend's poster. Where did you find that image or... what is the name of that image. I am sure that I could then, find it on Google Image...
      Thanks so much!
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