Apr 3, 2007
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    1. G8RED
      You said you are moving to a place "most people think" they would like to live. San Diego by any chance? I only ask because we are seriously considering a move from Orlando to California (strictly because of the good weather). My issue is my girl is in High School and is into rowing so we might have to move to a place such as Folsom, Ca which is near Sacramento (which is NOOOOOT San Diego but should be a huge step up from Florida weather wise).

    2. pc_orvis
      42-That was pretty funny. Too bad no one got it.
    3. Johnzagator69
      Hi Augie (Steve)!

      I little baby Gator whispered in my ear that you were the one who made things possible to see my first Gator game in person after getting back from being deployed over in Iraq. And I just wanted to let you know it was very much appreciated!

      In fact, it's pretty funny since GatorLou's son is only a year older than myself, he's a high school teacher (I too have worked with children and youth most of my life and had even considered being a science teacher; whereas he's a math teacher), and finally, it just happens that I know his neck of the woods (Sarasota) fairly well; since my last gf lived just up the road in Bradenton and worked in Sarasota. Go figure.

      Either way, hopefully we'll both enjoy the Gators hopefully opening up their offense back at home against he little piggies, while the defense continues to dominate.

      Once again, thanks for the ticket as compliments of Gator Country!

      John (Johnzagator69)
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