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Intern at Gator Country!

Hi There!

Thanks for checking out the Gator Country Internship Program. We know students are super busy so let’s dive right in!

Intern Opportunities

Internships open to Juniors and Seniors only.

  • Social Media Monster: Requires creative thinkers with lots of heart, a great sense of humor and who are not afraid to be bold. You will work in tandem with the COO of Gator Country to craft noticeable and shareable Social Media images and content.
  • AggreGATOR: Requires great communicators who genuinely loves UF Athletics (all of them) and who digs participation in message board communities. Duties include aggregating the best UF Athletic info daily and posting it on our message boards. You will work in tandem with the reporters and Gator Country message board community.
  • Football Reporting Assistant: Requires a creative writing voice housed inside a Gator Fan with in-depth knowledge of the Florida Gators and college football (in particular SEC football). Duties include crafting stories that are not cookie cutter coverage. You work in tandem with the CEO, COO as well as the Gator Country football beat writer and freelancers.
  • Recruiting Reporting Assistant: See above. It’s the same. Only different.
  • All Sports Beat Coverage: See above, above. Yup. You guessed it. It’s the same. Only different.

What is Gator Country?

Only one of the Top 10 college sports sites in the country. No kidding. We’ve been online since ’96 and in 2013 we banked almost 60 Million page views. Yeah. 60 Milllionnnnnn.

How does it benefit my career to intern at Gator Country?

From football to volleyball, we cover everything University of Florida athletics so being a intern is not your run of the mill internship experience. We expect a great deal from our interns and we give a great deal in return. Our training has helped many interns land awesome multimedia jobs prior to graduation or immediately after.

But don’t let us tell you how cool an internship here is, learn about the benefits straight from the Gator’s mouths…

I’m totally in! How do I nab an internship at Gator Country?

Please send your resume, cover letter, two article samples (must be UF Athletics related) and time commitment availability to or feel free to reach us by phone at 352-416-0018.

Should you go to the next round of the draft, Bernadette will reach out to set up a personal interview.

Social Media Monsters:
Please send your resume, cover letter (include your time commitment availability) and links to your FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. profiles to or feel free to reach us by phone at 352-416-0018.

These profiles should reflect your Social Media capabilities and professional persona. You do not need a large following to be considered but your accounts must show activity.

Bernadette will reach out to set up personal interviews with the contenders.

Thanks again for your interest in Gator Country! We sure do look forward to hearing from you!