US ARMY: One on one with Gerald Jones

West squad WR Gerald Jones gives an update on his US Army experience and recruiting.

How’s it going for you out here in San Antonio?

It’s been fun man getting together and playing with Jimmy Claussen and a lot of other guys, it’s been a learning experience and it’s also been humble as well.

What position does Tennessee have you slotted at right now?

Wide receiver.

Being a quarterback in high school, is it a lot different out here at receiver?

Yeah it is it’s something I’ve got to get used to. I’m so used to seeing the whole field and with the wide receiver you got to look at so many different things. It’s a big adjustment.

Ok, so you’ve got to look at so many different things, give me some examples.

You’ve got to be aware of where the linebackers are because they might change up your route. You’ve got to be so aware of the quarterback you know the things he’s seeing. You’ve got to see the same things so…

How tough are the DB’s over here on the west side?

Yeah, they’re pretty tough they’re quick.

Who’s the toughest one you face?

I don’t know them by names but his number’s 22 (Donovan Warren) he’s a good cover cornerback.

I looked like they were up in your face.

Pretty much pressed most of the time. They’re pretty strong but 22 is a great cover corner.

All right let’s talk about your commitment, you’re committed to Tennessee, tell me why?

I committed to Tennessee because I wanted to get out of state and by that time I only had visited Texas Tech and Tennessee and I was so beat up with the visits that I really didn’t want to go anywhere else and Tennessee just had all the qualities I was looking for as far as the team was a family and the coaches I don’t think that they’re leaving anytime soon. And the chances of me going there and actually playing they have 2 possibly 3 receivers leaving so I’ve got a good chance of coming in and playing so I just looked at that.

But you say you might visit maybe a couple more schools or what?

I’m visiting Florida on the 19th and if Florida…it’s either Florida or nobody else. If I don’t like Florida then I’ll probably stay with Tennessee but if I like Florida more that’s where I’ll be.

So what if Florida comes and really impresses?

I got to go and I got to check out Florida I can’t make a decision without checking out Florida first and I understand that I’m pretty much committed to Tennessee pretty tight, but if it’s just something that absolutely stands out more then I will have to make a change.

You feel like it isn’t going to hurt you is it?

Exactly, exactly.

All right in the long run what is the biggest selling point for any school?

Playing time, everyone being a family because I would need a home away from home, a coach that would probably stay there for the 4 years I would be there, and putting people in the NFL, that’s a big thing too.

You said something interesting there you said something about being a home boy and family and all that stuff but you want to get away?

Right, I want to get away because I want to see new things I’ve been a momma’s boy ever since I was growing up and it kind of kept me and…I want to get away but you know I want that family away from momma also.

Let’s talk about momma then she must be special to you I see a big ole smile.

I love my momma to death she had me when she was 14 years old and you know she still maintained to become a nurse now and I admire her so much you know she has the determination in her heart that I think that I have in mine as well so.

You both are evidently close is there a chance she might follow you?

I don’t want her to follow me because if she follows me she’ll start treating me like a baby again you know. She’ll be down there a lot though.

All right Gerald, what about school, everything good with that, I’m sure I know you’re a good one, I called you late at night and you’re studying.

Studying. Yeah, school’s fine I’m finished with all my classes, trying to take some concurrent enrollment some pre college classes so I can be ahead.

And what is it you want to major in?

Physical Therapy.