The action’s just getting started!

Now that signing day is almost over, officially ending the recruiting season, that doesn’t mean we’re going to be taking a break here at Gator Country. As always, we’re relentless in bringing you the best Gator coverage out there, living up to our reputation as “The Insider Authority on Gator Sports!”

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Now, more than ever, is a great time to join Gator Country or upgrade to an annual subscription… Here are a few things you can expect in the days and weeks after NSD from us and what you get as part of an annual subscription:

1. GATOR RECRUITING GUIDE — Gator Country’s stellar recruiting coverage and analysis will continue in our 2009 Florida Gator Recruiting Guide, a glossy, full color magazine which will chronicle one of the top recruiting classes in the country and it promises to be a very special edition this year. There will be limited availability of this special edition, so your best bet to secure this special edition is to become an VIP or magazine subscriber. It’s well worth it. It’s due out this March.

2. THE ULTIMATE BLOCKBUSTER — Franz Beard’s Football Insider and Justin Well’s Briefing Rooms are going to be so full of interesting factoids from the post-season football and recruiting trails that you positively cannot afford to miss them.

3. FEATURE STORIES — We’re going to give you feature stories on the Gators’ newly minted signees. We’re going to find out what it was that sold these kids on Florida, who ignored their commitment and still tried to recruit them and much, much more. We’ll give you the kind of quality, in-depth stories that you’ve grown to expect from our writers.

4. ANALYSIS — We’ll grade the Gators class position by position for both the level of talent and meeting the need in terms of numbers. We’ll break it down coach by coach to show you which coaches brought in which players, etc. We’ll figure all the new guys in with the returning players and try to give you an early idea what the Gators will have to do next year to meet the recruiting needs.

5. COACHES INTERVIEWS — We’re going to talk to the position coaches at the University of Florida and let them tell us in their own words what they think of the new talent they’re bringing in. We’ll try to get them to tell us a couple of good recruiting stories so you can have a better idea what they go through when they’re on the recruiting trail.

6. 2011 RECRUITING COVERAGE — Believe it or not, the Gator coaches are already aggressively recruiting for the class of 2011 and there will be no better place to see what they’re up to! Junior days are coming, and we have miles and miles of junior tapes just waiting to be posted. Gator Country has always been the place to be to get the latest real inside scoop on recruiting and we’ll give you a huge head start as always. Look out for our hottest targets for 2011. With your subscription, you’ll be able to keep up on the latest and hottest rising junior prospects!

7. GROUND BREAKING GCTV CONTINUES — Over the past few months, our new and innovative Gator Country LIVE TV show has been growing by leaps and bounds.  We’re not stopping after NSD – stay tuned for live coverage and expert analysis on various UF sports as the year progresses.

8. NFL DRAFT COVERAGE — Thanks to our partnership with ESPN, Gator Country & ESPN will be the place to be to follow all of the action leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft. With Tebow and others eligible for the draft, you don’t want to miss this action.

9. CONTINUING HOOPS COVERAGE — Gator Country will be with the Gators at the SEC Tournament and at the NCAA or NIT Tournament documenting every move for Billy and the Kids. And Franz’s “Basketball Confidentials” will keep you on the inside of everything going on in the Florida program, the SEC and recruiting. This is where you get the REAL inside scoop unlike NO OTHER!

10. SPRING PRACTICE — If you thought last year’s spring practice was highly anticipated, wait till things crank up on the practice fields in March! Due to an incredible defense simply reloading the guns and John Brantley making his starting debut, this is the spring that will lead up to a level of anticipation that will is like nothing we’ve ever seen at Gator Country. With our legendary practice coverage, you’ll be the best informed Gator out there!

11. BASEBALL AND SPRING SPORTS COVERAGE — Coach Kevin O’Sullivan and the baseball team will be cranking it up for a run to Omaha. Nobody knows and covers Gator baseball like Gator Country’s own Cody Jones! And we can’t forget that Rhonda Faehn’s gymnastics team has the talent to win a national championship. And there’s the softball team’s continuing dominance over the SEC and NCAAs… This promises to be one of the most exciting years ever for Gator spring sports.

12. As a VIP Subscriber, you’ll also receive an annual (NOW 12 months, not 10!) print subscription to our Gator Country magazine which is a full color, glossy monthly publication chock full of special features on the Florida Gators. It’s the fastest growing magazine and there is nothing else like it out there!

13. Finally, thanks to us, you can stay on the leading edge of getting breaking news about the Gators with our array of software tools designed to really keep you in the loop.

So buckle up and stay with Gator Country! It’s going to be a wild ride this spring and we’re just getting warmed up to handle it. It’s great to be a Florida Gator and nobody gives you more Gator information than Gator Country.

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