SPRING: Five Questions with Justin Williams

Justin Williams has been a standout player on the offensive side of the ball this spring. His size and speed give the offense a rare combination, one that could send Williams deep down the field, or used in running screens off the line. Williams talked after practice about his role in the offense, as well as the talent at the cornerback position he goes up against everyday.

Q: “How would you rate your performance this spring?”

A: “I’m still learning the plays and step up to be better than last year. I think I’m doing pretty well though. I want to step it up and make some big time plays.

Q: “How comfortable are you with this offense right now?”

A: “I’m very comfortable. I’m just getting better going one on one with some of these defensive backs and learning more how to go straight up and make plays.”

Q: “How do you think you stack up with the rest of the wide receivers out here?”

A: “Well I’m trying to be a lot like Dallas (Baker) was for this team last season. I want to go out and run great routes. But the key to me is being a big playmaker for this team.

Q: “What do you see your role on this team as during the fall?”

A: “I want to be a playmaker. To get there, I’ve just got to keep going hard and coming out to play everyday.”

Q: “What do you think about the talent at cornerbacks you’ve gone against so far?”

A: “They’re young, but they’re going to be good. There’s still a ways to go, but the talent is there. Joe Haden and now deuce (Markus Manson) moves over from running back. There are some guys unfamiliar with the position, but they have the talent to do it.”