SPRING: Five Questions with A.J. Jones

Recovering from an injury last season, AJ Jones continues to impress on the spring practice field. Jones took some time to speak with us after Wednesday’s practice about getting over his knee injury, as well as replacing a great defense from last season.

Q: “How do you feel like you’ve been playing this spring?”

A: “I feel like I’ve been playing pretty good. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after missing all last year. I learned a lot from having to sit out all last year and I’m excited to come in and get to come on the field.”

Q: “Speaking of the knee, how does it feel right now?”

A: “I’m pretty much at normal right now. I’m about back to 100%. It’s not even in my mind though. It can’t be when you’re running around out here at practice.”

Q: “Is it tougher mentally or physically to come out everyday to practice?”

A: “Mentally. You’ve got to come out here everyday with your mind right. If not, you’ll get embarrassed. You’ve got to be ready to go.”

Q: “What’s it like to replace last year’s outstanding linebacker group of Siler, Everett, and Crum?

A: “It’s hard. We come out here everyday and hear about how we aren’t anywhere near as good as them, so that builds us up to get better. We’re all excited about the opportunity.”

Q: “What’s it like to play with the talent at your position of Brandon Spikes and Dustin Doe?”

A: “They’re great. Brandon is crazy; he made some big plays for the defense today that helped us out, the same with Dustin too. They’re helping me out a lot and we’re going to be real good.”