SPECIAL: Chat with Shelley Meyer tonight!

Join Gator Country’s moderated chat room tonight at 9pm eastern for a special chat with a special lady – Shelley Meyer, the First Lady of Gator Football and wife of Coach Urban Meyer!

Shelley has graciously agreed to join us tonight for a thirty minute chat and she’ll be happy to answer some of your questions as well as give us some insights into the Meyer family and Gator football.

Our chat will be unique that night because it will be a moderated chat where we’ll field the questions one by one and relay them to Mrs. Meyer in an neat and orderly format. That way we’ll avoid the chaos that normally happens in a packed chat room when conversations (and questions & answers!) just fly by so fast on your screens.

Chat will be open to everyone, including non-subscribers, because this is a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about the Meyer family. If you’re unable to make it to chat, no worries – we’ll have a transcript available shortly thereafter.

Again, we won’t be using our regular chat room. We’ll be using our new moderated one—click here to enter moderated chat.

Come one, come all to a fun night of chat with Shelley Meyer, the First Lady of Gator Football!