Selected Quotes on Gators vs. Bulldogs

Coach Meyer: “I am really anxious to coach in my second Florida/Georgia Game, in a great city, a great environment. I recruit very heavily there and more importantly a battle for SEC East first place.”

On Tim Tebow and Pervy Harvin’s involvement in the Georgia game:

“We’ll see how they go in practice. I think Percy Harvin is as healthy as he has been since prior to Tennessee. He played well against Auburn. He’s certainly a guy who when he touches the ball, good things happen and I think we’ll evaluate Tim as we keep going this week.”

On the rivalry with Georgia:

“We are one of the unique schools that have three of them. What I see is a team that is really looking forward to playing in that environment. I know they have great respect for the team we are playing against because they have had a lot success especially the last few years. The uniqueness of this rivalry is the environment, neutral site and 50/50 split.”

On Chris Leak against Georgia:

“That’s our plan and that’s really been our plan all year. Surely we are going to do anything we need to do to have success but that’s the plan. There’s no question. He has had success in this game. He knows this game. We expect him to play very well in this game.”

Chris Leak #12

On the Florida vs. Georgia game atmosphere:

“Going to the game is an experience like no other. The atmosphere that is created by the fans and by both teams is exciting. You get really excited for your family because you know how much they are going to enjoy the atmosphere. It’s going to be a fun time for both teams and all of our families that are going to be there.”

On Georgia:

“They have an excellent coached team. Coach Richt is a great coach and doing a great job with those guys. They are a disciplined team. They’ve won big games on the road. They are going to be ready to play. They have great players that are going to be ready to play.”

On playing Georgia:

“Playing against Georgia we know that they are going to be ready. We know that they are a well coached team and that they get up. They are a big team in the SEC and we just need to make sure we are ready to play.”

On the Florida vs. Georgia rivalry:

“It’s a very emotional game for us players, just the atmosphere. It’s going to be a very exciting time for us players. We have a lot of Jacksonville guys on this team. It’s a game that you really enjoy playing, how the crowd is split in half, you just don’t see that in college football.”

On Georgia:

“I think preparation will help and being confident in myself. Obviously the guys around me playing real well will be a key factor. Just mixing it up and keeping the defense guessing.”

On Georgia’s defense:

“They have very talented defensive ends. I think (Quentin) Moses is one of their best guys. He’s had a bunch of sacks and a bunch of hurries. That’s just a mark of an SEC defensive line, big guys with speed. That’s something we obviously need to prepare for.”