RECRUITING: Moses McCray gets offer from UF

One of the top Tampa prospects this season will be defensive lineman Moses McCray. At an area of need for this year’s recruiting class, he recently received a Florida offer. McCray spoke about the interesting circumstances which surrounded this offer, and his feelings on his new top school.

When we spoke with Moses McCray, the question was asked about the new offer he had just received.

“What offer?” McCray asked.

With the coaching clinic in Gainesville and Middleton HS coaches present, the coaches were informed of their stud defensive lineman’s newly sent offer. When this was mentioned to McCray, he immediately asked, “Did someone tell you I got offered? Let me check the mail.”

And there it was. The biggest offer McCray had received was now in his hands.

“Man it feels good right now,” McCray said. “I’m really happy about getting this offer from them.”

The 6-4, 275 pound lineman has an impressive offer list, already receiving them from Rutgers, South Carolina, Maryland, and USF.

Excited about the opportunity Florida presents, McCray spoke very high praise of the coach recruiting him.

“I talk to Coach Drayton a lot,” McCray said. “We have a good relationship. He’s easy to talk to and he really understands everything. He’s been really down to earth.”

The coaches are not the only things which have caused McCray to like what is happening in Gainesville.

“I’ve been to Gainesville before,” McCray said. “It’s a real nice place. Everything up there seems like its brand new and I like it a lot.”

As far as the future, the athletic lineman claims to have one visit already planned out, with another in the process.

“I will probably be coming to Florida’s practice sometime next week,” McCray said. “I also want to go to Tallahassee pretty soon.”

With the offer comes a jump to number one in the race for McCray. He claims an early top two, without a Florida State offer.

“Right now, my top two is Florida and FSU. I’d say that Florida is on top.”

To see the Florida coaches walking around the campus of Middleton HS has not been an astonishing sight over the past few years. Two years ago, the school produced current Florida linebacker AJ Jones. This year, they have at least two other division one prospects in McCray and running back Ty Jones.

With AJ Jones already on campus at Florida and ready to contribute, McCray says that his presence in Gainesville could have an influence on his decision.

“AJ is one of my real good friends,” McCray said. “I don’t get to talk to have much anymore since he left to go to Florida, but we still get to text and stuff. We’re really close though.”

“In the end I have to make the best decision for myself, but I would say it does have an effect,” McCray said.

When he does make this decision, McCray has an idea of what he is looking for in his school of choice.

“Academics are the number one thing for me right now,” McCray said. “I want to major in engineering so the school I go to has to have a good program for that.”

With Florida only looking to add only possibly John Brown and Torrey Davis this coming fall, this is an obvious spot of need. At this point in the process, the coaching staff is covering all of their bases to make sure they add the best possible talent at this position.