Quick Update: QB Timeline

The silence is deafening. Who will be the guy?

The lack of information from Will Muschamp has Gators fans on edge as they eagerly anticipate when the announcement will be made about the team’s starting quarterback.

Jacoby Brissett or Jeff Driskel?

Well, sit back in your seats, Gators fans. The wait is not quite over.

The Gators have now had two scrimmages. One last Friday and one the week before. The third and final scrimmage will be this Tuesday, Muschamp said after his team’s open practice.

No decision is forthcoming before then — at least not one that will be released to the general public.

Neither guy particularly stood out today.

Each made some good throws that were caught. Each made some good throws that were dropped.

Each also threw some bad passes.

Brissett skipped a couple and missed open receivers. Driskel made similar mistakes.

In a competition this tight, Muschamp will gather every piece of information he can before coming to a decision.

“Probably as you saw today, they’re even in what they’re doing in managing our team,” Muschamp said, referring to the pair of quarterbacks. “We will have another scrimmage-type atmosphere Tuesday.”

Following the final scrimmage, Muschamp, Brent Pease and the rest of the Gators’ decision-making body will convene and make the choice.

So far, Muschamp has offered little, but he did offer somewhat of a target date for when a decision could be announced.

He noted the team’s press conference the Monday before the team’s opener against Bowling Green as a possibility.

If you want to write it on your calendar, that Monday is Aug. 27.

Until then, the waiting game continues.

“I’ll make a decision,” Muschamp said. “I’m sitting on some things right now.”