Q and A with John Brown

The defensive tackle position is wide open. It’s been a fight in the trenches so far this spring with plenty of bodies to go around. John Brown has made an impression so far and looks to get playing time in the fall.

Q: “How’s the spring been going for you?”

A: “It’s been good. A lot of hard work for me so far.”

Q: “What did you learn in your redshirt year?”

A: “I learned you have to be in shape to play college football. I learned how to use my hands a lot more too. Honestly, I learned a lot from that year.”

Q: “Have you used this offseason to get in better shape?”

A: “Yeah and I’m still getting in shape now. It’s tough out there playing against guys that are 300-something pounds and you’re only like 280. It’s all just hard work, and I’ve got to be in shape to do that.”

Q: “What do you think of Coach McCarney so far?”

A: “He’s going to work you hard and get you exactly where you want to be.”

Q: “How similar are he and Coach Mattison?”

A: “They both know what they’re talking about. That’s easy to see. You’re going to listen to what both of them have to say.”

Q: “Have you seen this offensive line grow up this offseason?”

A: “Oh yeah. Coach Mattison started it by making us work as a team. Coach McCarney is finishing it and everything is falling into place.”

Q: “What do you feel like your role will be in the fall?”

A: “I don’t even know yet. Everybody is just out there battling for a position right now.”