Nine Gators choosen in NFL draft

Marcus Thomas was drafted by the Denver Broncos while Joe Cohen was picked up by the San Francisco 49ers. Six other Gators signed up as free agents.

NOTE: Jarvis Moss, Reggie Nelson, and Ray McDonald went in earlier rounds – story here.



RE: Did you think you’d go right around where you went?
“Yes, I figured I was going to be somewhere in there.”

RE: Can you describe your strong suits for us?
“I’m more of a run stopper but I hold up blocks and make plays in the backfield. I’m just an aggressive player. I play my assignment, stuff like that.”

RE: Where do you think you’ll fit in a 3-4?
“I fit on the inside in the 3-4. It’s no problem for me. I play anything. I can play anywhere on the field as long as I get coached up. I can play anywhere.”

RE: What’s your weight right now?
“I’m about 310-315, somewhere in there.”

RE: Have they talked to you about where you might play, maybe at the nose?
“I’m pretty sure they’re going to have me at the nose. I don’t think they’re going to have me anywhere else but it doesn’t matter, whatever I need to do to play, I’m going to do it.”

RE: How is it to come here with another Gator?
“It’s great, he’s one of my best friends too. Me and Ray spent a lot of time together, on and off the field. He’s taught me a lot and he’s the one who help put me in the situation I’m in today. And I’m very thankful that I’m on the same team that he’s on. I still believe he’s going to coach me up at the next level.”

RE How quick did you talk to him?
“I just talked to him probably five minutes after you guys called me. He was one of the first people I called and like I said he’s just one of my great friends and it’s a blessing to be on this team.”

RE: What did he do to help you out and get you to this level?
“At first I was thought to be an offensive player at Florida. I never really played defense in high school, so when I moved over he helped me out a lot, coached me up on stuff like pass moves, how to put my hand on an opponent, just little stuff that’s made me the player I am today. I know it’s going to make me even better in the future.”

RE: What kind of player is he, from someone who’s played next to him for a few years?
“He’s a go getter, if he says he’s going to do something during the play he’s going to do it. He’s done that numerous times. He’s a great player the fans are going to love him and these guys are definitely going to see that.”

RE: Were you surprised that he lasted until the end of the third round?
“Yes, I was definitely surprised. Like I said, if you watch film on a lot of defensive players, Ray McDonald probably has the best technique out of all of them. That’s what surprised me and like I said, he’s going to be one of those players that the fans love.”

RE: With all the experiences you went through last year, all the big games, how much can that prepare you for the next level?
“It’s going to help me in close game situations. Playing against the players that I played against, the offensive linemen that I’ve played against, a lot of them are in the draft and in the league, so it’s going to help with the conversion over to the next level.”


Press Conference Audio

Denver Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan didn’t seem to have any doubts about drafting Marcus Thomas. “We research people,” Shanahan said. “I’ve got a good gut feeling about Marcus. We just couldn’t pass it up … I was trying to get that pick from the latter part of the third round to the fourth round.” Jarvis Moss added that, “Hands down, [Thomas] was the best player on our national-championship football team this past year.”


  • Ryan Smith – 6th round to Tennessee
  • Dallas Baker – 7th round to Pittsburgh
  • Deshawn Wynn – 7th round to Green Bay
  • Brandon Siler – 6th round to San Diego


  • Chris Leak – Chigago
  • Billy Latsko – Carolina
  • Steve Rissler – Dallas
  • Jemalle Cornelius – Buffalo
  • Reggie Lewis – Buffalo
  • Steven Harris – Denver
  • Eric Wilbur – Houston
  • Earl Everett – Bengals
  • Brian Crum – Weighting offers between Kansas City/Cleveland