Guess where Justin Wells is…

The answer? Back at Gator Country where he belongs!

Now, we could write a whole bunch of journalistic, press-release mumbo jumbo, but we think it’s better to cut to the chase. It’s the quotes you all love anyway!

Raymond Hines: “We’ve missed Justin. Though I believe everything happens for reasons we sometimes will never know, it should’ve never come to pass that he left. Justin’s return is… Okay, enough with the touchy feely stuff! Justin’s return means we’re going to kick even more behinds in the world of Gators sports and recruiting!”

Bernadette Carter-King: “Wow. Did ya’ hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of jaws hitting the floor.”

Justin Wells: “I’m excited and honored to be rejoining the Gator Country team. This is where I first really started cutting my teeth as a reporter and today has a bit of a ‘homecoming’ feel to it. Both Derek Tyson and Andrew Spivey do a great job covering the Florida beat, and I look forward to assisting them in providing Gators fans with the best recruiting content found anywhere on the web in addition to assisting with basketball recruiting coverage and in other areas, as well.”

“Over the past nine months, it has been hard to ignore the resurgence of Gator Country in terms of content and innovation. I decided to return to GC because I want to be a part of the best website on the internet in terms of covering UF athletics and recruiting. This is, after all, the oldest and most established website devoted entirely to the Gators. After meeting with the Gator Country staff over the past few days, I feel the direction of the company is only going to continue to move in a positive direction in the years to come.”

Tim Casey: “I am very excited that Justin is back on the same team as Derek, Thomas, Andrew and I. We are all good friends, similar to the community of Gators fans on GC subscribers should also be excited by this addition because of the broad range of assets Justin brings to our team.

Justin’s tireless efforts covering recruiting and the various UF teams are unmatched. His dedication to his craft and ability to recall names, facts and faces is beyond remarkable. When Justin was previously at Gator Country, he developed as a writer and made numerous contacts that enabled him to become one of the most respected reporters covering recruiting in Florida. He also did an excellent job with Gator Country magazine, web chats, radio, GC TV, public speaking appearances and participation in the vast community that is the message boards.

The addition to Justin to the team with Derek, Thomas, Andrew and all our interns will boost Gator Country’s vast content and coverage of all things related to former, present and future Florida Gators.”

Derek Tyson: “It will be great to have Justin back with Gator Country. The recruiting coverage with Justin, Andrew and myself will be unmatched in this industry. I look forward to working with Justin and to continue to make Gator Country the best website for coverage of the Florida Gators.”

Thomas Goldkamp: “I’m thrilled Gator Country has been able to add yet another excellent reporter to our team. Justin is an outstandingly diligent recruiting reporter and will help add to the solid foundation already put in place by Derek and Andrew. Gator Country’s recruiting coverage has really taken off in the past few months, and Justin’s addition will only further help push our coverage to the forefront of Florida football recruiting. Welcome aboard, Justin!”

Andrew Spivey: “The three-headed monster has arisen.”

Welcome back home, Justin!