Growl(s) from the Swamp: 06/21/10

Happy first day of summer, my Gator friends. Back in February and March, when we were all wearing socks, long pants and putting on sweaters in layers, we never thought we’d make it. But we have.

1. Seventy-five days until kickoff of the 2010 football season against Miami of Ohio at noon in the Swamp.

2. It is too bad that the great catch made by Florida center fielder Matt den Dekker was not in a winning game effort as that would have certainly added to the legend. However, even on its own merit, it was a great catch.

3. Today may be the biggest baseball game we have played against the Seminoles.  There will be some fan satisfaction in sending a rival to the barbecue after just two games. Of course, being sent to the “Q” by the Noles would have even a worse sting for the fans.

4. When the baseball season ends—hopefully around June 30—it may well conclude one of the best overall sports years the Gators have had. Although 2006 will always be the biggest for the fans of the two “big” sports.

5. I know that the Alabama game is the big one going into the 2010 season, but I am really looking forward to the Tennessee game to see how we do on the road in front of a hostile crowd. Plus the Tennessee game is one of my favorite games of the season.

6. My favorite game that did not directly decide a championship was the 1996 UT game. I went to the game with some UT fans and was getting harassed because we did not “kill” Georgia Southern in our opener. I remember telling them when the score hit 35-0 in favor of Florida: “Gee, Georgia Southern gave us a better game than this.”

7. I wonder what the NCAA would do if offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, one of last February’s top recruits, appealed that he wanted to be released from his scholarship because USC lied to him or at worse misled him in a huge way. I really believe with the penalties that were set and the feelings the NCAA may have for Lane Kiffin being hired that maybe the NCAA would be inclined to let Henderson leave without penalty.

8. I am not a big NFL fan, but will admit with so many Gators spread all over the league I am debating buying the NFL package on Direct TV. But $350? Wow.

9. I do not see Mark Ingram repeating as a Heisman Trophy winner simply because I think Trent Richardson will get a lot of carries and a lot of yards.

10. Deonte Thomson will conclude the 2010 season as a first team All-SEC wide receiver.

In the meantime, my fellow Gators, drink plenty of fluids.

Remember always, whether you’ve got your own teeth or not, keep smiling.

Take care and Go Gators!