Gerald Willis Back in School; Appealing Athletic Suspension

Defensive End Gerald Willis has been reinstated to the University of Florida for academics, GatorCountry has learned.

April Justin, Willis’ mother tells GC that her son has been re-admitted to classes following his suspension from the school and football program in early January.

His admittance into the football program is still pending as the family files an appeal.

Following Willis’ suspension, there were speculations that he would transfer to Texas A&M but his mother insist those are unfounded and that the Aggies only remain a small option pending things are unresolvable at Florida.

Her son’s first choice and current goal, Justin explains, “is to stay apart of Gator Nation”.

Willis will find out more concerning his Gator football fate after that appeal meeting sometime next week.

Willis’ suspension came after an up and down season involving fights with former teammates and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after taking a cheap shot at FSU quarterback Jameis Winston during the Florida vs Florida State game.

During the Birmingham Bowl, which saw the Gators beat East Carolina, Willis proved pivotal with a forced fumble on a goal line stand and four total tackles.

He finished the season with a tackle in every game he saw action in, totaling 14 tackles, six of which were solo. will continue to monitor this situation and keep everyone up to date on Willis.

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Kassidy Hill
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  1. Yeah, not sure what to think about Willis. I have already expressed disdain towards his act of thuggery on national TV. One thing is being immature, the other is kind of being a chump and a thug. That being said, I think everyone deserves a break, and a second chance. When I was young I wish someone smacked me upside the head and knocked some sense into me. No one did so my path wasn’t the most direct to maturity. I certainly took the wrong turn at the fork in the road. Humility, ego, anger, maturity…having someone role model for you is nice. Who knows, he may have already used up his allotment of breaks. Here’s to hoping he can turn it around.

    If we look over to BB. Billy D has let some kids go, and he’s turned some kids around too. He’s amazing at that. He gives kids the opportunity to be accountable and room to work through their stuff. Some kids struggle mightily growing up. I guess when you can finally admit you are the one that is responsible for your actions and quit laying blame, you’ve begun the process. I guess the biblical saying…He who is without sin, throw the first stone…that wouldn’t be me, but I wouldn’t mind tossing a small one at his head to help usher in change. HA!Go Gators.